Thursday, September 29, 2011

Juxtapoz & Uppercase

My work was recently featured on Juxtapoz Magazine- one of my favorite places to find inspiration.
Unhinged, acrylic/graphite on paper

"Minneapolis-based painter Jennifer Davis possesses a highly developed sensibility for pattern and color, creating an almost tangible world of strange creatures that seem to live and breathe, despite their simplified forms."

Uppercase featured a profile of my recent show with Amy Rice: "A Delightful Pop-Up Gallery."

Photos by Janine (via

The last photo shows me hugging Jessie, from  Shop Sweet Lulu.  She owns several of my paintings and we have been online pals for- ooooh, about a zillion years.  I was so happy to finally meet her in person! 


Julie Lapointe - La Datcha said...

Wow! Congratulations Jennifer!
And thank you for the Juxtapoz link, I did not know this magazine!

Anonymous said...

i love your artwork jennifer. i first saw your rooster on poster cabaret. i plan on ordering a few on etsy.
i'm new to blogging but have posted some images of your work and have included links. i hope that's ok.