Thursday, November 5, 2015

Foxglove Market in St. Paul, MN

Finally, there is a place to see my work in person in the Twin Cities again!

Snake, acrylic/graphite, 24" dimeter

I have a ton of paintings up at Foxglove Market & Studio 
on Grand Ave (map) in St. Paul for several weeks.
Stop by and check it out if you're in the area?
Contact the shop for purchasing information: or 651.214.4247

Variations, gold leaf/acrylic/graphite, 24" diameter

Nightbird, acrylic/graphite, 24" diameter

I swiped this photo from @FoxgloveMarket's Instagram feed.

Shapeshifter, acrylic/graphite, 12x16"

Horses, acrylic/graphite, 12x16"

Catnip, acrylic/graphite, 12x16"

Fruit, acrylic/graphite, 12x16"

Well, acrylic/graphite, 12x16"

Kitty, gold leaf/acrylic/graphite, 12x16"

I swiped this photo from @FoxgloveMarket's Instagram feed.

Tiger, acrylic/graphite, 24" diameter

Cat, acrylic/graphite, 24" diameter

Cross Section, acrylic/graphite, 24" diameter

Thank you for looking!