Friday, October 26, 2012


You guys! I'm so excited! I am the proud, thrilled, giddy and nervous recipient of a...
2013 Next Step Fund Grant from the Minnesota Regional Arts Council / McKnight Foundation!

Carousel Cat, 24x24", mixed media
(My collaboration with Michael Cina, Joseph Belk and Carly Shoen for Working Title.)

This is a super big deal for me- my first grant ever
and I am sooooo over the moon about my project!
My grant is for "funding to research, create, and document a body of large-scale paintings based on vintage carousel animals and traditional carousel vignette paintings.

I'm cuckoo for carousel animals.

This spring I'll be taking my fascination (obsession?) with vintage carousel animals on the road to visit old school carousels throughout the US.

See how crazy I am about carousels? 
This is me and my friend Ngoc on the carousel in Central Park. Thanks for the pic,  Amy Crickenberger Oeth.

AND THEN- I'm going to make some big paintings and have a solo exhibition at the soon-to-open Public Functionary gallery in Northeast Minneapolis. 

Will you donate via Kickstarter to help give Public Functionary wings?
Limited edition prints of my painting, "Stampede", at the $100 level:

Thank you for reading. I'll post more about my travel/project here soon.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Young Blood Gallery 15 Year Anniversary

My painting "Gardening (Mycela)" for the exhibition- acrylic/graphite, 12x16" (SOLD)

Young Blood Gallery in Atlanta, GA is celebrating their 15 year Anniversary with an epic exhibition showcasing all of the artists they have worked with over the years.

A list of the featured artists.

 It has been my pleasure working with Young Blood owners Maggie and Kelly. 
Cheers to many more years of arty goodness!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mural Making

The soon-to-open prAna store at 50th & France in Edina, MN has hired me to do some decorative painting on their walls and floors.  I am just finishing up on the last of five mural thingys.

This 8' design is right inside the front door on the stone/concrete floor.

A progress shot of my giant 8' hand. I added flowers to the palm last night.

This flower design is over 9' long on the gorgeous hardwood floor in front of the cash register.

A detail of the flowers.

A detail of one of two 5' wall paintings.

I am accustomed to painting at my desk, while sipping coffee and listening to MPR, so the adjustment to operating a lift in the midst of a bustling construction zone moved me way out of my comfort zone. (In a good way.)

prAna is using local artists to decorate their new stores nationwide. Very cool.

This project was nerve-wracking and exciting. I am so greatful to everyone at prAna for this opportunity and to the nice people who helped me at "the site"- especially Laura CB, Laura V and "Jones-y", the site superintendent. 

On a surprisingly unrelated note- prAna has used some music by my BF, Brad Senne, in a couple of their short films. Have a look > here < at the 12 min mark. ;0)

The store opens for biz on Oct 28th.