Friday, September 26, 2014

Photos from "Bulletproof" at Low Gallery

Photo by Kari Heck.

THANK YOU so much to everyone at Low Gallery in San Diego for hosting an excellent party for the opening reception of "Bulletproof." 
We had a blast!

Photo by Low Gallery.

You can ENTER TO WIN a one-of-a-kind, CUSTOM, shooting target via Low Gallery. Raffle tickets are just $10 each. The drawing will be held on Oct 9th. Email to purchase a ticket.
Photo by Low Gallery.

There are still some targets from the show available for purchase. You can check them out over here on my blog if you're interested. 
They are 12x24", hand-painted (acrylic) on paper shooting targets, $150 each. 
Email for info.

Photo by Low Gallery.

Photo by Jodi Bernard.

With some of my "oldest" friends- Amy and Ngoc, my college roommates and Jodi and Kari, my elementary school and Jr. High besties.

Cute flyer by Low Gallery.

Photo by Low Gallery.

Photo by Low Gallery.

A visit to Coronado Beach- Ngoc, Kari, Jodi and me- photo by Amy Oeth.

Daydrinking funtimes at San Diego harbor- photo by Amy Oeth.

Until next time, California!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bulletproof at Low Gallery in San Diego, CA

Tattoed Lady (SOLD)
My new show
opens this Sat, Sept 20th at
 Low Gallery in San Diego, CA!
For this show I have made 40 hand-painted paper shooting targets.

Diver  (SOLD)

To purchase call or email Low Gallery:  
(619) 348-5517 / 

Targets are 12x24" each, hand-painted (acrylic/graphite) on real paper shooting targets. 

Sold unframed for $150 each. 

Peacock (SOLD)

Gutsy (SOLD)

Birds  (SOLD)

Flytrap  (SOLD)

Dog (SOLD)

Dinosaur  (SOLD)


Inkblot (SOLD)

Ice Cream (SOLD)

Loudmouth (SOLD)

Penguin  (SOLD)

Flora (SOLD)

Happy (SOLD)



Great Ape  (SOLD)

Food Face (SOLD)


Beetle (SOLD)

Monster  (SOLD)

Hound (SOLD)


StareBear (SOLD)

SugarSkull  (SOLD)


Love Birds 

Sea Monkey  (SOLD)

Creeper  (SOLD)

Spaceman (SOLD)


Metalhead (SOLD)

Green Bird

Butterfly (SOLD)

Cat  (SOLD)

Spiderweb (SOLD)

Rat  (SOLD)


I'll be there for the opening reception (6-10pm) which is being held in conjunction with "North Park Art Night", a neighborhood art crawl featuring 12 art shows at various locations.

Please come see me if you are in the area (or tell your friends in San Diego!)
I'll post photos from the show after this weekend.
Thanks for looking. -jd