Tuesday, April 18, 2023

"Flying Colors" - New Paintings at Nahcotta

"Flying Colors"
New Paintings by Jennifer Davis at Nahcotta

opens today in Portsmouth, NH!

My new paintings are in their online shop:

Home, 12x16", 2023

Tulips, 12x16", 2023

Dog, 12x16", 2023

Superbloom, 12x16", 2023

Home, 12x16", 2023

Bear, 12x16", 2023

Monkey, 12x16", 2023

Smiling Moth, 12x16", 2023

Seeker, 12x16", 2023

Horse, 12x16", 2023

Tree, 12x16", 2023

Pigeon, 12x16", 2023

Octopus, 12x16", 2019

Thank you for looking. 🖤 jd

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

New Show at Frock Gallery - SNEAK PEEK & Discount Code!

 Exciting news!

"Two Dogs" 12x16", 2022

Frock Gallery is offering my subscribers and followers an early look (and 15% discount!) at the brand new paintings from my upcoming exhibition!

"Friend" 12x16", 2022

Colorful Characters

Use Discount Code: “JDPEEK” for15% off 

3/2/23 6am (CT) through 3/3/23 11am (≈ One day only!) 

Preview page: https://frockgallery.com/en/artists/jennifer-davis

"Ghost" 12x16", 2022

Colorful Characters

at Frock Gallery in Ypres, Belgium

Jennifer Davis (paintings) 

Hélène Morbu (pottery) 

and Christel Weyt (paintings)

Show run: March 4 - Apr 28, 2023

Vernissage: Friday, March 3 6-10pm

Discount code: “FOR” for15% off 3/2/23 6am (CT) through 3/3/23 11am

Preview Page: https://frockgallery.com/en/artists/jennifer-davis

"Green Cat" 12x16", 2022

I’m already en route to Belgium with my friend, Amy, to attend the vernissage in person!

I’ll share art and travel pics on both of my Instagram pages : @JenniferDavisArt  and @NejjiferDavis

"Bat" 12x16", 2022

"Explorer" 12x16", 2022

"Parakeet" 12x16", 2022

"Dachshund" 12x16", 2022

"Dandelion" 12x16", 2022

"Family" 12x16", 2022

"Flowers 12x16", 2022

"Garden" 12x16", 2022

"Home Sweet Home" 12x16", 2022

"Oracle" 12x16", 2022

"Sheep" 12x16", 2022

"Bird Friend" 12x16", 2022

"Snow" 12x16", 2022

"White Cat" 12x16", 2022

"Ice Cream Cone" 12x16", 2022

"Tree Hugger" 12x16", 2022

"Blue Horse" 12x16", 2019

"Dream" 12x16", 2019

"Houseplant" 12x16", 2018

"Poodle" 12x16", 2018

"Red Plant" 12x16", 2019

"Two Horses" 12x16", 2019

Sunday, December 4, 2022

8 Puppy Paintings for Post It Show 18 at Giant Robot in L.A.

8 new pups painted on 3x3" Post It Notes - $30/ea

Post It Show #18 at Giant Robot in Los Angeles, CA

100s of original artworks on 3x3" Post-It Notes for $30 each!

Dec 3rd- 11th, 2022 - Info here.

"Each year, The Post It Show features original art from hundreds and hundreds of artists and continues to be one of the most popular exhibitions at GR2.  
For anyone who has been to a GR Post-It Show opening in the past you know how much fun it is!"

Photos from previous years here: #PostItShow

Here are my little paintings and their sketches:





Shih Tzu



sketches on Post It Notes for the paintings

Saturday, November 19, 2022

An Experiment: Hoodies, Tees, Totes and A GIVEAWAY!


To celebrate the launch of my new TeePublic shop we are hosting A GIVEAWAY!

I have opened a new Merch Shop at TeePublic.
I'm offering Hoodies, TShirts, Totebags, Mugs, Laptop Cases, Kids Stuff and tons more...
I currently have 20 different critter designs and you can put them on any of the items offered. Many have a variety of background color options. It's so fun!

ENTER TO WIN the TeeShirt, Tote or Mug of your choice via my Instagram post (by 11:59 CST Wed 12/23/22)

Grey Hoodie with a Rabbit, White Mug with a Rooster, Hilarious Tote Bag with SwampMonster

Most of the items are customizable- there are 120 possibilities for the baseball tees
(6 color combinations and 20 design options)

I am going to buy this mug for myself. I need an angry rooster with my coffee.

This Swamp Monster Tote is my favorite thing in the shop. Ridic!
(Three sizes, single or double sided, 20 designs)

They have baby and kid stuff too:
Hoodies in 7 colors, Tees in 11 colors, Onesies, etc.

Adult Hoodies and Crewnecks in many designs/colors

Hardbound or Spiral Notebooks- ruled or blank

So many Laptop Cases

And a ton of other stuff too: stickers, phone cases, throw pillows, magnets...and so on.

Folks have been asking me to make shirts and stuff for a long time but I've always been a little reluctant. I never had the trifecta of TIME, ENERGY and FUNDS to get stuff like this off the ground.
Shoutout to Camilo Maldonado at TeePublic for help with setting up my shop- he's been asking me to join and patiently answering my zillions of questions for 6+ months. 

I like this too: 

  • We source garments from ethical suppliers and use recyclable shipping bags. Our printers use DTG inks that are 100% biodegradable and vegan friendly and our misprinted items and returns are repurposed, recycled, or donated. The printers we work with are held to sustainable/non-hazardous/toxin-free standards. And every purchase is printed-on-demand – to reduce waste. Most items are shipped from locations closest to their final destination to reduce carbon footprint as well. Our apparel products are also certified by WRAP, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting ethical manufacturing. You can see more here: https://www.teepublic.com/social-responsibility
I hope you'll swing by and check out My New TeePublic Shop
If you make a purchase I'll always appreciate your honest feedback about it.
 (They have a"Don't Love It? We'll Fix It For Free" policy too!)