Monday, October 10, 2011

Delightful 3 on Decor8

Holly, from Decor8, has made a lovely post about my recent show with Amy Rice, "Delightful 3".

Amy Rice and me- photo by Holly Becker via

"From her color palettes (love her shots of black and neon pink!) to her quirky characters who display a range of emotions from melancholy to fear, timidness to hopeful, I find her work touching, engaging, meaningful and altogether mesmerizing. Amy Rice is another amazing talent, also based in MN, so to have a chance to meet them both in one evening was a total moment for me. Here they are, such a lovely duo."

My paintings, "full" and "gardener"- photo by Holly Becker via

Read the full post and see more photos on
Thank you so much, Holly! The pleasure was all mine. ;0)


kristin said...

adorable photo of you two...and i agree, a beautiful write up by Holly.

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Jennifer Davis Art said...

thank yous! =0)