Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"11 in 2011" at Nahcotta

New show at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH:
"Nahcotta’s first show of the new year celebrates varied, outstanding work from eleven artists in the gallery’s diverse stable, bringing together photography with mixed media paintings, collage, acrylic on paper and illustrative work. Entitled 11 in ’11, this group show is on view from January 6 until January 30."

- mindful, acrylic/graphite/charcoal, 12x16"

- bike ride, acrylic/graphite, 12x16"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Someone got a tattoo based on my painting, "Upsidedown"!
What an honor!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fox Tax Gallery

* UPDATE: This event is rescheduled because of the BLIZZARD! New date: Fri Dec 17th! *
- fancy 12x16", acrylic/graphite/charcoal (SOLD) and
- dance, 12x16", acrylic/graphite/charcoal (SOLD)

I have two new paintings in the current show at Fox Tax Gallery:
"These are a Few of Our Favorite Things"
On View: December 3 – Jan 7th
Opening Reception: Saturday December 11, 6-10 pm

Many of the artists in the show have donated small works of art that will be gift wrapped and sold (sight unseen!) for $100 each. Proceeds from these gifts will go to the charity of my choice-
SpringBoard for the Arts Emergency Fund for Artists.

You can read more about the show in City Pages and at the Dressing Room blog.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010


- Terrence Payne, Jennifer Davis (me!), Joe Sinness, Erika Olson Gross

- in the gallery

Photos by Lacey Criswell, taken after our artist talk last night at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
Thank you to all who attended!

Check out our blog about the show here:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Local Artist Interviews

I did an interview with a fabulous new website that posts interview profiles with local (Minneapolis, MN, USA) artists. I am familiar with many of the artists they have profiled so far but it has been fun reading their answers to these questions and "hearing" their voices.

You can read my interview here- on "Local Artist Interviews".

I am also enjoying a similar theme over at the CityPages "Dressing Room" blog called "100 Creatives".

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"my love for you is a stampede of horses"

"my love for you is a stampede of horses"
is one of my go-to blogs for finding interesting artists and inspiration.
I was delighted to find my new paintings featured there this morning.

"I love the twisted and hybrid beings that live in Jennifer Davis' textiled world."

Thank you, myL4U!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pretty (tough) in Pink

Hooray! Our show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts got a (good) review in today's Minneapolis Star Tribune!

Pretty (tough) in Pink

"...What all four have in common is meticulous drawing styles and abundant illustrational talent. Working with colored pencil, oil pastel, watercolor and other drawing media, they employ graphic devices (ornamental patterns, flattened imagery, linear designs, lots of white space) to narrative effect. Their drawings read like "pictures," in that they hint at stories, relationships or emotional states..."

Full text here.

View the artwork from the show here.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

View Art gallery- CANADA

I have four paintings in the holiday salon exhibition at View Art Gallery in Victoria, BC, Canada. Show runs Nov.5-Dec. 31st, 2010

relics, 13x15.5", acrylic/graphite on panel, $450

fruit, 12x16", acrylic/graphite on panel, (SOLD)

by the way, 10x15", acrylic/graphite on panel, $400

winter, 12x16", acrylic/graphite on panel, $450

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Allow me to elaborate?

City Pages "Dressing Room" blog has a neato new feature called
100 Creatives

You can read their profile about me/my art here:
Jennifer Davis : 100 Creatives

I wanted to share a little bit more about this part:
"Name three things that inspired and/or motivated you as a budding creative type:
1. Richard Scary's Best Story Book Ever and my childhood toys. (I recently rediscovered the book and boxes full of my old toys/drawings. Everything I do makes more sense to me now)..."

I had no conscious recollection of these books until I rediscovered my childhood toys.

Could this be the root of my inexplicable obsession with (upsidedown?!?!) wind instruments over the years?!?!

I was pretty surprised to see how many parallels i found between these books and my paintings.

Here is my special TeddyBear- handmade and handed down through my mother's GINORMOUS family:

I guess childhood toys really do matter! Good thing I wasn't into violent video games.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Thank you, John Megas and MplsArt for these thoughtful words about my new paintings.

I am blushing because it really captures my embarrassing Minnesotaishness.

For example,
"While very pleasant, Jennifer Davis made it very clear that talking about her art was not her favorite thing to do. “I’m really terrible at this”, is how she started our conversation. Davis is very quiet and careful to put words to her work. However, once we got the conversation going, she was well spoken in describing her process. (Then she would apologize about how badly the interview was going)."
Heeee heeeee!

Full text here.

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Paintings

These are my new paintings from "Flourish" at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. I have posted more detailed views of these works over on my Flickr page and they are for sale in my Etsy shop.

Reverence, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

Lucky, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

Curious, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

Pair, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

Loop, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

Pivot, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

Magical Thinking, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

Brainchild, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

Circus, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal/colored pencil on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

Secret, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

Falling, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal/colored pencil on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

Beginner, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal/colored pencil on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

Black Sheep, 30h x 24w", acrylic/graphite/charcoal/colored pencil on panel, 2010 (SOLD)

For purchasing information or more details about these paintings please contact me directly:
Jennifer Davis
jenniferdavisart <@>

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tonight (10/21/10)!

Dear Minneapolis, please join us TONIGHT for the opening reception of
7-9pm at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
free and open to the public.

After the reception mosey on over to Nick and Eddie for more happyfuntimes!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 new prints!

I have three new prints:
Refrain, Float and Soloist.
11x14", $40 each.

Check out ALL of my available prints here.

Very Special THANK YOU to Sebastian Foster Gallery for creating these prints! You can find some seriously awesome prints and original artwork on their website.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

GrayDUCK Gallery, Austin, TX

Me and my pals from Pilot Arts are having a show at GrayDUCK Gallery in Austin, TX.
opening reception: thursday, october 14, 7-9pm
exhibition dates: october 14 - november 21, 2010

"In 2005, an independent collective of artists in Minneapolis pooled their resources in an effort to gain national recognition for their innovative local art scene. That year they boldly introduced themselves with an ad in Dwell magazine and have never looked back. Pilot has become a highly sought-after group representing a diverse range of concepts and styles. These artists who are also curators, mentors and designers have brought a national eye to the Midwestern sensibility of creating art with substance and integrity. Since their inception, the group has dispersed throughout North America but not before gaining international notoriety showing in galleries from New York to Los Angeles to London. grayDUCK is thrilled to host a rare group show by this all star collective.

All members of the group are well-established full time artists. Each of the artists has their own, unique style they use in their work. John Alspach, Tara Costello and James Wrayge are abstract painters. JAO paints while in a state of intense aerobic activity to create work about energy and movement. Amy Rice and Jennifer Davis have an illustrative, whimsical feel to their work. Yuri Arajs combines found material and precise mark making. John Diebel creates cartoon-inspired line drawings, while Ben Olson is a popular self-portraitist and Terrence Payne works in oil pastels. Each member brings to the group an individual vision and style, but a clever pop-art sensibility makes them coherent as a group."

608 w monroe street | suite c | austin tx 78704 | 512.826.5334

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sebastian Foster Gallery

I am so happy to join the amazing roster of artists at Sebastian Foster Gallery in Austin, TX. I have several paintings (see below) and new prints (!) listed for sale via their website now.

- haunted, acrylic/charcoal/graphite on panel, 8x10"

- remember, acrylic/graphite/charcoal on paper, 22x30"

-horseback ride, 12x16", acrylic/graphite

- soloist, 12x16", acrylic/graphite

- tricycle, 12x16" acrylic/graphite

Purchases can be made directly via their website.