Monday, April 18, 2011

Shadow Puppet Animation

UPDATE: Now with 100% more BEER!
The Science Museum has decided to host this event at the Chatterbox Pub in St Paul!

I will be presenting a class about how to make a
Shadow Puppet Animation
at the Science Museum of Minnesota on May 4th, 2011
as part of their Making After Hours series.

"Making After Hours is a series of art, technology, and engineering workshops for adults (18+) that takes place once a month from February through August. The workshops include an introduction led by a guest artist, materials and technology you can use in your project, and a great atmosphere for "making" after work.

(some of the puppets I made for this project)

* Cost: $18 ($15 for Science Museum members)
* Reserve a seat now by calling (651) 221-4511

Jennifer Davis is a drawing and painting artist that has shown her work extensively in the Twin Cities, and most recently at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts/MAEP Gallery. Although not a shadow puppet artist, Jennifer's characters translate well into silhouettes, combined with stop motion animation, her narrative paintings come to life. Jennifer will give a brief presentation of her work then lead in the instruction of making character silhouettes. A Science Museum of Minnesota instructor will demonstrate the SAM animation software. All supplies for this workshop are included in admission price. Take home the puppets you make and a link to your downloadable movie."

Before I became involved in this project I had never made a "shadow puppet" much less an animation. The technology is really simple and intuitive and I had an absolute blast making my little cat movie. I think this class is going to be a lot of fun. Join me, won't you?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Poster Cabaret Bicycle Print Show

Poster Cabaret's annual Bicycle Print Show!

Thursday, May 5, 6-9pm
at Gallery Black Lagoon in Austin, TX.
Full scoop here.

Featuring fine art prints and posters by:
* Aesthetic Apparatus * Alberto Cerriteno * Andy Vastagh * Blanca Gomez * Bobby Dixon * Brainstorm * Brent Couchman * Brian Turner (Cricket Press) * Bryan Keplesky * Clint Wilson * Cody Haltom (Public School) * Cole Gerst * Dan Black (Landland) * Dan Grzecav * Dan Padavic (Vahalla) * Dario Pegoretti (Pegoretti bicycles) * Delicious Design League * Diana Sudyka * Dirk Fowler * DKNG * Don Clark (Invisible Creature) * Doublenaut * Eleanor Grosch * Evan B. Harris * Gary Houston * Greg Pizzoli * Hollie Chastain * Jaime Cervantes * Jared Connor * Jason Munn * Jay Ryan * Jennifer Davis * Jes Seamans (Landland) * John Vogl * Justin Cox (Public School) * Justin Santora * Leandro Castelao * Little Friends of Printmaking * Mara Piccione * Mat Daly * Matthew Genitempo * Methane Studios * Michael Motorcycle * Mike Klay (Powerslide Design) * Nate Duval * Rand Renfrow * Ryan Clark (Invisible Creature) * Sasha Barr * Scott C * Sonnenzimmer * Tad Carpenter (Vahalla) * Tim Doyle * Travis Bone (Furturtle Printworks) * Ty Wilkins * Will Bryant (Public School) * Will Manville