Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tiger T-Shirts!

Selfie in a size SM.
New Neon Tiger T-shirts are now available in my Etsy shop for just $20 each!
Available in Unisex sizes S, M, and L. (Visit my shop for size guide.

The design for the shirt is based on the large tiger designs I have been creating for the set of a touring dance piece called Stripe Tease. They are made out of neon gaff tape on black paper. Here are some photos of my tigers/stripes set designs from our tour: The Storefront Theater in Chicago, IL. the theater balcony at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

...stripes at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Danspace Projects in New York. American Dance Institute in Rockville, MD.

Although the shirts were created to commemorate the tigers I made for Stripe Tease, they do not have any text on them or anything. You need one, yes?! Get one in my Etsy shop here!

Printed by Juxtaposition Arts in Minneapolis. An amazing organization- check em out!