Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Annual Artists' Holiday Shop at Soo Visual Arts Center

Need last minute gifts? 
It's the final week of the SooVAC annual Aritsts' Holiday Shop!
2909 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis, 55408
Hours: Wed 11-5, Thurs/Fri 11-7, Sat/Sun 11-4 (Nov 30-Dec 23, 2018)

Skip the mall and the landfill bound junk from Amazon AND support living artists and a top-notch art gallery institution, why don'tcha?

Dozens of artists with handmade art and items priced to move.

Picture here: Art by Mary Gibney, Amy Rice, Christopher E. Harrison, Tara Costello, Ashely Peifer, Kevin Beaudin and me...

I dropped off all kinds of stuff:

Hand-painted, wall mounted, thrift store found rhino head.

Hand-painted, wall mounted, thrift store found buffalo head.

Hand-painted, wall mounted, thrift store found rabbit head.

Hand-painted, wall mounted, thrift store 1970s owl.

Hand-painted, wall mounted, thrift store bird on a branch.

Reversible bird/dog screenprints.

Hand-painted, wall mounted, thrift store found crazy fruit basket thingy.

Handmade, poured paint earrings.

Hand-painted foam earrings.

Stop in and say, "Hello."

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

"Post-Patriarchal Feminism: Visions of Optimism & Illusion"

Chick, 12x16", acrylic/graphite, 2018

"Post-Patriarchal Feminism: Visions of Optimism & Illusion"

Opens at Co Exhibitions in NEMpls this Saturday, Dec. 15, 2018.
 7-11pm with DJs Babyghost & Rowsheen. 
Refreshments from Modist Brewing & more.
(Through Jan 19, 2019.)

PussyCat, 12x16", acrylic/graphite, 2018

Participating artists: Jenna Blazevich * Liz Born * Jennifer Davis * Sarah Reed McNamara * Nicole Marroquin * Shelly Mosman * Meghan Lionel Murphy * Carla Rodriguez * Maria Cristina Tavera * Martzia Thometz * Nicomi Nix Turner * Tara Zanzig 

Dog, 12x16", acrylic/graphite, 2018

Post-Patriarchal Feminism: Visions of Optimism & Illusion is a collaborative art show that asks: what is the future of Feminism? One in which the previous feminist counter culture has claimed the majority of public opinion and therefore, ignorant and uninformed is the new counter culture? One in which yesterday’s promises have manifested themselves and we have societally transcended gender?

As we envision the pendulum of cyclical theory pushing us forward, it can feel like a personal daily roller coaster ride. At the apex, the thrilling anticipation of progress we can feel rumbling underground just before plummeting into turbulent feverish bitterness. We invite you along on this ride and explore, “why is that lady so angry?”

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

14th Annual Post-It show at GR2 in LA

I was invited to participate in the 14th Annual Post-It show at Giant Robot store/gallery in Los Angeles, CA-
400+ artists, 3,000+ Post Its for just $25 a pop! 
Dec 1- Dec 9, 2018...Go get 'em!

Opening reception via @giantrobotstore.

Here are my Post It Note (3x3", self-adhesive note paper) paintings for the show:

Installation photo via @notadjmether.

People camping outside the store to leading up to the opening! Photo via @damianjmc