Monday, August 30, 2021

Joyful World Mural Park at the MN State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair has partnered with Forecast Public Art to create a new mural park on the fairgrounds. The project is curated and directed by Tricia Heuring and features 12 artists that will be LIVE PAINTING from 11-3 throughout the run of the fair.

Prepping my mural panel on the deserted fairgrounds the day before the fair started.

Artists will be working on a rotating basis- subject to change due to weather, etc.
My shifts are:
Tues Aug 31, 11-3
Wed Sept 1, 11-3
Thurs Sept 2, 11-3
Sat Sept 4, 11-3
Sun Sept 5, 11-3

I'm fully vaxed and masked up! 
Am I freaked out about being at the fair? YES.
Be cool and stay safe, my friends.
(image swiped from @alockstadt's twitter)

I totally get it if you are avoiding the fair like the plague this year.
Follow along ym painting progress on Instagram! (The other artists below too!)

Murals by:

Here's a peek at my "Joyful World" mural design:

Location: Located west of Chambers Street between West Dan Patch and Carnes avenue.
(Across the street from the end of the Mighty Midway.)

Stop by if you're at the fair. Bring cookies! ;0)

p.s. You can also get my art pressed into a real life penny at the Minnesota Artists Penny Press (outside the Fine Arts Building.) 
Bring four quarters and a penny to run the machine! 

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Enormous Tiny Art Show #30

6 little paintings sitting on my desk before I shipped them to NH.

I made 6 new, little paintings for the 30th installment of 
 Enormous Tiny Art Show at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH. 
They are all available online now: Enormous Tiny Art

Vase, 6x9", acrylic/graphite

Brainstorm, 6x9", acrylic/graphite

Busy Bird, 6x9", acrylic/graphite

Catnip, 6x9", acrylic/graphite

Flower Face, 6x9", acrylic/graphite

Painter, 6x9", acrylic/graphite
Thank you for looking :0)