Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beautiful Decay

"Jennifer Davis is a painter based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota with, among other things, a great color palette, mixing muted hues with more vibrant pops of pink and yellow. Her paintings are delightfully quirky too. I mean, have you ever seen a skeleton wearing striped toe socks, or a purple goat sporting a multi-colored sweater? Well, you and I have now." - via Beautiful Decay

(See more here.)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Pony Anarchy Magazine

I did a little interview for Issue #2 of Pony Anarchy Magazine (from Melbourne, Australia.)

You can view the entire issue online here
Full of great stuff, stunningly beautiful.
Thank you, PA!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Moco Loco

Today my paintings are featured at Moco Loco.
curtain, 8x9", acrylic/charcoal/graphite

"Monsters and architecture appear to be new themes that flow through work by Minnesota artist Jennifer Davis. Some of the contrasts are bolder, some of the colours are brighter, but Davis continues to serve up her blend of whimsy. The usual suspects (girls, animals, patterns) share the canvas with houses (inside and out), the boogeyman (and pals), a Movember old soul and some colourful flora, to name but a few new offerings."

See more here.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fresh Produce at Anno Domini in San Jose

I have a bunch of new paintings in the annual holiday sale and exhibition at Anno Domini gallery in San, Jose, CA.
fussy, 8x9", acrylic/charcoal/graphite

Opening reception tonight! Fri Dec 2.
The show features 45 artists from 14 countries- and also includes my pals from Minneapolis, Broken Crow! They are AMAZING! Go see them here- you'll be glad you did. 

curtain, 8x9", acrylic/charcoal/graphite

house #3, 8x9", acrylic/charcoal/graphite

kitten, 8x9", acrylic/charcoal/graphite

lady, 8x9", acrylic/charcoal/graphite

house #2, 8x9", acrylic/charcoal/graphite

litter, 8x9", acrylic/charcoal/graphite

Unsold works are available online here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Buy Some Damn Art!

I have just released 6 new, smallish paintings via Buy Some Damn Art.

boogeyman, 8 x 9", acrylic/charcoal/graphite (SOLD)

flora, 8 x 9", acrylic/graphite

house, 8 x 9", acrylic/graphite (SOLD)

giddy, 8 x 9", acrylic/charcoal/graphite (SOLD)

eat, 8 x 9", acrylic/charcoal/graphite (SOLD)

chilly, 8 x 9", acrylic/graphite (SOLD)

Each painting is $200- framed and ready to hang on your wall. 

 So, whadda ya say? Buy Some Damn Art?

I also did a little interview on the BSDA blog- here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Buy Some Damn Art: Sneak Peek

Here is a little peek at the 6 new paintings I made for my upcoming launch at Buy Some Damn Art:

These paintings will be released next Tues 11/29/11. They are 8x9"/$200 each.
Subscribe to the BSDA mailing list via their website to get a heads up when the sale goes live!

What is "Buy Some Damn Art", you ask? 
It is an online, limited time, affordable art sale featuring 6 new works by a different artist each week.
Read more about it here. ;0)

Monday, November 21, 2011

"Two" at XYandZ Gallery in Mpls

Celebrating two years of business, XYandZ Gallery presents TWO an exhibit that focuses on the relationships that have been developed between artists both inside and outside the space. 

my contribution to the show:
skull with kittens, 12x16", acrylic/graphite on panel

"XYandZ has invited former exhibitors to curate their own section of the gallery by presenting two artists of their choosing: One emerging artist and one established. From internationally recognized street artists to locally-bred art darlings, the exhibit will offer a truly eclectic array of work, hand-selected by XYandZ artists."

I was invited to participate by Tonja Torgerson. You can read an interview about her selections here.
“ I chose Jennifer because I have been aware of her work since the first time we were shown together over 5 years ago. I have loved watching her work take off and find her a good model of how it is possible to be a successful working artist.” 
THANK YOU, Tonja!!! ;0)

November 25-December 17
BLACK FRIDAY SALE (Nov 25): 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
OPENING RECEPTION (Dec 2): 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

EXHIBITING ARTISTS: buZ Blurr aka Colossus of Roads, Allan Packer, Adam Garcia, Mia Nolting, White Cocoa, Jennifer Davis, Ellen Mueller, Michael Gaughan, Oakley Tapola, Dane Klingaman, Alex Chitty, Lee Relvas, Eric Ruby, Charlie B. Ward, Ben LaFond, Brian Aldrich, Nick Howard, Paul Kaloper, David De Boer, James Boyd Brent, Rachel James, Matt Yaeger, Ryan Brink, Jesse Peterson, Vaughn Bell.

CURATORS (former XYandZ exhibitors): Eric Burke (OverUnder/Reno, NV), John Grider & Mike Fitzsimmons (Broken Crow), Drew Peterson (Chicago, IL), Keegan Wenkman (Portland, OR), Tonja Torgerson (Syracuse, NY), Dane Johnson (Los Angeles, CA), Dan Luedtke (Chicago, IL), Brian Borlaug (Los Angeles, CA), Josh Winkler, Carrie Thompson, Anna Tsantir, Sean Connaughty, and Nate Young.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photos from "Homeroom" Opening Reception

Here are some photos from the opening reception of
  Homeroom: 20 Artists Re-Interpret Works From Their Childhood
at Subtext Gallery in San Diego, CA.

my little brown paper bag dog from outside the window

my painting, "happy heart",  from outside

You can get a better look at the works I contributed to the show on my preview post here and view the ENTIRE show along with all of the childhood artwork here.

walking by the gallery the day before, didn't want to peek before the opening

More photos from my whirlwind trip from MPLS to CA after the jump!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Design*Sponge Preview!

Flora #5, 8x9", acrylic/graphite

Kate Pruitt of Design Sponge has posted a feature about the new, weekly, online affordable art sale, "Buy Some Damn Art!"

"Buy Some Damn Art is essentially a rotating online art show that features a small curated collection of original art at affordable prices. Every Tuesday a new selection of six pieces by one or two artists will appear on the site. The works are priced from $200 to $500, and are original works (not reprints)."

Get an announcement about the weekly featured artist/s by signing up for the BSDA newsletter
(do so by tomorrow- 11/4/11- evening for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to BSDA!)

BSDA will launch a set of my paintings later this month (one of the six pictured above.)

Oh and- "Buy Some Damn Art" was created by Kate Singleton (author of one of my favorite art blogs: Art Hound.) She is pretty damn amazing! ;0)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Movember Art Auction

Old Soul, 12x16", acrylic/charcoal/graphite

 I made this painting for the MOVEMBER ART AUCTION
 Pink Hobo Gallery in NE Minneapolis

Participating artists include: Charlie Forbes, Dan Monick, Jaime Carrera, Allen Brewer, Rob McBroom, Ruben Nusz, Aesthetic Apparatus, Aniela Sobieski, Burlesque of North America, Vincent Stall, Jennifer Davis, Max Lorbach, Greg Gossel and Michael Cina.

 "Movember" is a worldwide moustache growing charity effort held during November of each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health.

 Facebook event page here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Homeroom" at Subtext Gallery, San Diego

"Homeroom: 20 Artists Reinterpret Their Childhood Artwork" 
at Subtext Gallery in San Diego, CA. Opening 11/11/11.

Here is the artwork I made for this show- from then and now:

construction paper hearts and flowers reinterpreted in paint- SOLD

dogs made from brown paper bags- ridiculous! - SOLD

me in first grade, 1981

Participating artists: Allison Sommers, Audrey Kawasaki, Catherine Brooks, Celëne Petrulak, Chris Ryniak, Dadu Shin, Harmony Gong, JAW Cooper, Jeya, Jennifer Davis, JUURI, Katherine Brannock, Kelly Vivanco, Leung Ka-Yin, Martin Hsu, Naoshi, Nimit Malavia, Sean Mahan, Soey Milk, Tran Nguyen, Yoskay Yamamoto and Zoë Williams.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Get In If You Want to Live"

My illustration for "The Bear" a short story by John Jodzio
acrylic/graphite/charcoal on panel

I made this painting as an illustration for John Jodzio's new book of short stories:
"Get In If You Want To Live."  Paper Darts Press will raffle off the painting at the book release party TONIGHT- 10/15/11. (Party is FREE, raffle tickets are $2 a pop!)

Party info here.
Order the book here.

About the book:

"...each story in the collection will be accompanied by a specially curated illustration from hand-selected local and international artists, including Jennifer Davis, Ruben Ireland, and Andres Guzman among others. The entire book will be designed using the eye-popping aesthetic and inventive graphics that Paper Darts Magazine is known for."

Contributing artists:

"The Twin Cities’ newest, boundary-breaking publishing house, PAPER DARTS PRESS, announces its debut project. Get In If You Want To Live is a collection of 19 fiction short-shorts by Minneapolis writer John Jodzio, author of 2010’s If You Lived Here You’d Already Be Home. Jodzio is a past recipient of the Loft-McKnight Fellowship award and his work has been featured in numerous publications, including McSweeney’s, Opium, and Minnesota Monthly.

From bears hooked on sex outside the species, to hookers hooked on a neighbor’s bomb chili recipe, Jodzio shanghais readers in the course of only a few pages and sucks them into 19 different gonzo worlds populated by intensely unapologetic characters
." (via Paperdarts.com)