Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Rubine Red Gallery in Palm Springs

I'll have three new, large paintings at the
Rubine Red Gallery
Event: Grand Opening Exhibition
Sat 3/30/19, 7-11pm

Hands, 24w x 30h", acrylic graphite on gallery mounted panel

Snakes, 24w x 30h", acrylic graphite on gallery mounted panel

Jason Howard, former board member at one of the all time greatest art galleries in Minneapolis, Soo Visual Arts Center, has moved to Palm Springs and opened his very own gallery! 
Rubine Red Gallery has a focus on Minnesota artists- Joe Siness, Cassie Marie Edwards, Terrence Payne, Tara Costello, Greg Gossel, Shawna Gilmore, Betsy Alwin and many more.
Please spread the word to your Palm Springs friends and travelers! It's a great spot and they have a cute gallery doggie named Leo!

Leo the gallery gaurd! =0)

Eyes, 24w x 30h", acrylic graphite on gallery mounted panel

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Djeco Toy Designs

Djeco Toy Company, of Paris, France, has just release another one of my toy designs!
Mandalas Rosaces- Coloring Surprise

"A creative activity for kids who love coloring." 
Color, fold and re-fold the hexaflexagons to discover various geometric mandalas.
I'm so happy with how this project turned out!
(So far I have not seen these available in the US.
Google to order online or, better yet, ask your local toy retailer to order/carry my Djeco toy designs!)

Here are some of the other fun toy designs I have made for Djeco:

Another coloring project -with a bug/butterfly theme- called "Cabinet of Curiosities"
A set of fancy Jewelry Temporary Tattoos...I found them at a little toy shop during my trip to Paris in 2017!

"Canevas Point lancé : Cheval"...A horsey yarn/"sewing" kit:


A rubber bouncy ball:

Here are some pics of kiddos playing with my toys!

I have another (stalled) toy design project in the works (coloring pages)...and I hope to work Djeco lots more in the future!