Wednesday, September 19, 2018

S'Habiller avec Amour (To Dress With Love) Event in Mpls

6 yards of hand-painted black silk.

I just finished painting 6 yards (18'!!!) of black silk fabric for my collaboration with fashion designer Shenandoah Bauer. The resulting garments will debut at the upcoming Fashion Week MN event...

A promo photo by Photographer/Stylist/Event Producer, Shelly Mosman.

S'Habiller avec Amour (To Dress With Love.)

Sat, Sept 29, 2018 at Workshop in NE Mpls.
Doors open at 7:00, show starts at 8:30.
Note: This is a ticketed event with limited seating.
Facebook event page here.

"Celebrating youth and the beauty of aging. An evening of true inspiration and expression of individuality. Directed by Shelly Mosman and a team of creatives Niya DeLaPena and Kimberly Steward in affiliation with Fashion Week MN. Featuring local clothing designers Shenandoah Bauer, Jennifer Davis, Carter Averbeck and Celina Kane along with jewlery designers Olivia Schares, Stephanie Lake and Jennifer Merchant. S’habiller Avec Amour is a curated runway incorporating vintage and new designer pieces from Golden Pearl Vintage, My Sister’s Closet, and GH2. Mosman and her team have assembled a visual production including HUAS hair salon, music designer Daron Walker and baroque opera singer Sarah R Jackson in correlation with lighting designer Arlo Paul Gutherie. Enjoy complimentary cocktails crafted by Crooked Waters Spirits, catering by Fabulous Catering.

Put on your party shoes for Cosmonaut Group, and dance. We’ll see you at Workshop NE, generously donated by Josh Hanson." 

***UPDATE 10/12/18: Here are some more photos- process photos and photos form the show!

My sketch for our hand-painted silk skirt.

Finished painting, ready for Shenandoah Bauer to cut and sew.

The finished skirt (made by Shenandoah Bauer) worn by gorgeous Super Model Caitlin Karolczak.

The finished skirt (made by Shenandoah Bauer) worn by gorgeous Super Model Caitlin Karolczak.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


My new solo exhibition, "Strange New World", opens this Friday (9/7/18) at Artspace in Raleigh, NC through 10/27/18!
Scroll down for an early preview of 40 new paintings for the show- and a little process video at the very end.
If you're anywhere near Raleigh- please close this browser window immediately and surprise your eyeballs IN PERSON at the gallery! ;0)

My home studio BEFORE & AFTER:
Happy Place!

Sad chicken.

Here are the 40 paintings I just shipped to Artspace for the show...
Each one is acrylic/graphite on mounted panel, 12"w x 16"h x 1.5"d and $550 (unless otherwise noted below the photo.)

1. Thumbs Up (SOLD)

2. Trees

3. Stripes

4. Snakes

5. Fish (SOLD)

6. Princess

7. Red Plant

8. Cultivate (acrylic/graphite/charcoal)

9. Bun Bun (acrylic/graphite/charcoal)

10. Pact

11. Blue Flowers

12. Moth

13. Aries (acrylic/graphite/charcoal/gold leaf)

14. Weeble (SOLD)

15. Good Stuff (acrylic/graphite/charcoal)

16. Rooster

17. Two Cats (SOLD)

18. Good Dog (acrylic/graphite/charcoal)

19. Push/Pull

20. Wake Up

21. Leery (SOLD)

22. Houseplant

23. Swan Planter

24. Orange

25. Run (SOLD)

26. Octopus

27. Spotted Cat (20"w x 16"h x 1.5"d, $650)

28. Poodle

29. Flora

30. Hollywood (2017)

31. Leopard (SOLD)

32. Rhino

33. Monster

34. Pekingese

35. Rabbit 

36. Onward

37. Puppet (acrylic/graphite/charcoal)

38. Take Care (acrylic/graphite/charcoal) (SOLD)

39. White Squirrels

40. X-Ray Vision (acrylic/graphite/charcoal)

Some photos from my trip to Raleigh:

a panorama of the exhibition

exhibition brochure

wall vinyl and guestbook

my friend Naomi traveled from Minneapolis with me

celebratory bruuuuunch!


Here's a fun process video from the making of "Trees":
Source: Extremely satisfying ASMR painting process sounds by JenniferDavisArt