Tuesday, April 18, 2023

"Flying Colors" - New Paintings at Nahcotta

"Flying Colors"
New Paintings by Jennifer Davis at Nahcotta

opens today in Portsmouth, NH!

My new paintings are in their online shop:

Home, 12x16", 2023

Tulips, 12x16", 2023

Dog, 12x16", 2023

Superbloom, 12x16", 2023

Home, 12x16", 2023

Bear, 12x16", 2023

Monkey, 12x16", 2023

Smiling Moth, 12x16", 2023

Seeker, 12x16", 2023

Horse, 12x16", 2023

Tree, 12x16", 2023

Pigeon, 12x16", 2023

Octopus, 12x16", 2019

Thank you for looking. 🖤 jd

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

New Show at Frock Gallery - SNEAK PEEK & Discount Code!

 Exciting news!

"Two Dogs" 12x16", 2022

Frock Gallery is offering my subscribers and followers an early look (and 15% discount!) at the brand new paintings from my upcoming exhibition!

"Friend" 12x16", 2022

Colorful Characters

Use Discount Code: “JDPEEK” for15% off 

3/2/23 6am (CT) through 3/3/23 11am (≈ One day only!) 

Preview page: https://frockgallery.com/en/artists/jennifer-davis

"Ghost" 12x16", 2022

Colorful Characters

at Frock Gallery in Ypres, Belgium

Jennifer Davis (paintings) 

Hélène Morbu (pottery) 

and Christel Weyt (paintings)

Show run: March 4 - Apr 28, 2023

Vernissage: Friday, March 3 6-10pm

Discount code: “FOR” for15% off 3/2/23 6am (CT) through 3/3/23 11am

Preview Page: https://frockgallery.com/en/artists/jennifer-davis

"Green Cat" 12x16", 2022

I’m already en route to Belgium with my friend, Amy, to attend the vernissage in person!

I’ll share art and travel pics on both of my Instagram pages : @JenniferDavisArt  and @NejjiferDavis

"Bat" 12x16", 2022

"Explorer" 12x16", 2022

"Parakeet" 12x16", 2022

"Dachshund" 12x16", 2022

"Dandelion" 12x16", 2022

"Family" 12x16", 2022

"Flowers 12x16", 2022

"Garden" 12x16", 2022

"Home Sweet Home" 12x16", 2022

"Oracle" 12x16", 2022

"Sheep" 12x16", 2022

"Bird Friend" 12x16", 2022

"Snow" 12x16", 2022

"White Cat" 12x16", 2022

"Ice Cream Cone" 12x16", 2022

"Tree Hugger" 12x16", 2022

"Blue Horse" 12x16", 2019

"Dream" 12x16", 2019

"Houseplant" 12x16", 2018

"Poodle" 12x16", 2018

"Red Plant" 12x16", 2019

"Two Horses" 12x16", 2019