Sunday, September 18, 2011

Support: Artists Unite for Japan

DreamLand by Jennifer Davis
"Support: Artists Unite for Japan" at Royal/t in Culver City, CA.
"The exhibition features donated work from 34 artists whose talent and generosity will aid the Japan Society Earthquake Reliief FundIn keeping with the "Support. Inspire. Create. Renew" vision of ART from the ashes; all the work will integrate the use of reclaimed elements and embody the theme of support.  Artists were encouraged to "reclaim" their own remnants (castoffs from their own creative process) for use in creating their piece. By utilizing materials that appear to be void of possibility, the artwork in this exhibition intends to symbolize a renewal process for Japan that inspires hope." 

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About my painting (above):
"This painting was created from several remnants from my creative process. Often when I am starting a new painting I change my mind about the size or scale of the painted panel and trim off one or more of the edges. I have been saving these colorful scraps for many years thinking that I would eventually use them to create some smaller works. This benefit project was the perfect opportunity for me to use eight of my favorite scraps to build a new canvas. I have also included a few of my favorite characters and patterns from some of my earlier works."

Contributing Artsits: YaYa Chou, Jennifer Davis, Camille Rose Garcia, Seonna Hong, Jordin Isip, Jon Langford, Nina Savill, Andrew Shoultz, Nathan Spoor, Mike Stilkey, Yoskay Yamamoto and many more.

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