Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Here is a list of all of the prints I have available. I will keep this list updated as I get new prints made. Thanks for looking! =-)

Hightail, 16x20", edition of 60, $60/ea, available via my Etsy shop

Refrain, Float and Soloist11x14", $40 each. 

"Navigator", "Remember" and "Bike Ride" in my Etsy shop.

"Whale", 19x19" in my Etsy Shop.

Set of 3 Mini Prints: Whale, Bat & Mushroom- available in my Etsy Shop.

"Toughy" $35 each. Available from SooVAC.

 Tug O' War, 6x7.5", edition of 100, $20 via Tiny Showcase. (SOLD OUT)

"Joyride", 18x24", 3 color print with hand painted details, $40. each in my

Owl, limited edition (of 80) screen prints, 18x24", 9 colors with hand-painted details, $50 at Burlesque Design. (SOLD OUT)

"Mind Over Matters", 11x17" each, 1/2" border for framing, limited edition of 50, $40, available now at Soo Visual Arts Center in Mpls.

 "Liberation", "Complicated", and "Realization"

All three prints (plus these two, below) are currently available via Fine Grime in the UK.

- carousel, bumpercars

"Light Snack", limited edition of 30 giclee prints, Image is 7x9" with 1" border for framing, $30, available in my Etsy shop.


corinne said...

Is there somewhere I can purchase "Realization"? Fine Grime link wasn't working. Thank you.

Jennifer Davis Art said...

@Corrine- I have ended my relationship with Fine Grime because...well, I never saw a dime from them for the sale of those prints. Not sure if they are still selling them or not??? If you want to track them down they are in Bath, United Kingdom. Good luck. ;0)