Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CSA- Community Supported Arts

It is just like a food CSA- except instead of getting produce from a farm, buying a "share" will get you 3 boxes full of art by local artists throughout the summer.

I am so thrilled to be one of the 9 artists for the inaugural season:
* Calpurnia Peach: (textile/fashion)
* Jennifer Davis/ Burlesque design: (painting/printmaking)
* Andy Ducett: (drawing/printmaking)
* Sam Hoolihan/Switzerland: (musician/photographer)
* Amber Jensen: (book arts)
* Maren Kloppmann: (ceramics)
* Lacey Prpic Hedtke: (tin type photographs)
* Amy Rice: (painting)
* Karl Unnasch: (stained glass/sculpture).

This is going to be so fun!
Get the full scoop here.

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