Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New paintings!

I have a ton of new work posted online.
* I just put about a gazillion paintings in my Etsy Shop.
* I posted the work from my current show at First Amendment Arts in Minneapolis here.
* Giant Robot in NY has put the entire "Small Favors" show online here. (They have tons of great stuff for well under $100!)

I love painting.


bloodmilk. said...

i really love the lady on the left. will you make prints of her? how large is the original?

Jennifer Davis Art said...

thank you!
i don't have any prints of these.
they are:
"hide and seek" & "bizzy"
(21.5 x 25.5", acrylic/charcoal/graphite on paper, $550/each)

Yumi Sakugawa said...

Love them, especially the one on left! :) My two friends had their pieces in the small GRNY show, and I did catch yours too!