Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Enormous Tiny Art Show #32

Fancy Moth, 8x8", acrylic/graphite, $225 (sold)

I made 7 new, little paintings for the 
Enormous Tiny Art Show #32
at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH. 
They are all available for purchase online now: Enormous Tiny Art

I've participated in this show at least 18 times over the years!? 
Swing by my recent Instagram post to see some of my past submissions.

Green Tree, 8x8", acrylic/graphite, $225

Orange Cat, 8x8", acrylic/graphite, $225 (sold)

Flying Bird, 8x8", acrylic/graphite, $225 (sold)

White Cat, 8x8", acrylic/graphite, $225 (sold)

Pink Tree, 8x8", acrylic/graphite, $225 (sold)

Small Bird, 8x8", acrylic/graphite, $225

7 new little paintings on my desk before I shipped them to Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH.

Thank you for looking!

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