Saturday, October 28, 2023

New Metro Transit Mural in Minneapolis, MN


I've recently complete four new murals on the sides of a 6x8' Metro Transit Light Rail Train utility box in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN! (map)

Each side has a different painting: Rabbits, Moths, Birds, and Flowers!

A video of the site/process from my Instagram

Concept Sketch for the Birds

Concept sketch for Rabbits

The box is right by "UNITED CRUSHERS"- and you can see it from the backyard of the 
Malcolm Yards Food Hall (across the UofMN Transitway.)

I can't believe they let me paint these big ol' weird rabbits?!?! Thank you, MetroTransit!!!

Moths concept sketch

Moths in progress

Flowers concept sketch

I had to freehand this one as there is a big, beautiful dahlia garden next to the box- no room for my projector set up.

My beautiful painting location next to the Dahlia flower plot at Bridal Veil Gardens

Flowers in progress

One more vid from my Instagram

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