Sunday, December 4, 2022

8 Puppy Paintings for Post It Show 18 at Giant Robot in L.A.

8 new pups painted on 3x3" Post It Notes - $30/ea

Post It Show #18 at Giant Robot in Los Angeles, CA

100s of original artworks on 3x3" Post-It Notes for $30 each!

Dec 3rd- 11th, 2022 - Info here.

"Each year, The Post It Show features original art from hundreds and hundreds of artists and continues to be one of the most popular exhibitions at GR2.  
For anyone who has been to a GR Post-It Show opening in the past you know how much fun it is!"

Photos from previous years here: #PostItShow

Here are my little paintings and their sketches:





Shih Tzu



sketches on Post It Notes for the paintings

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