Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Minnesota Artists Penny Press at SooVAC in Minneapolis

On Sunday, Nov 14, 2021 

Alyssa Baguss will be at Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis with the 

Minnesota Artists Penny Press:

An old-school penny pressing machine featuring art images from four MN artists.

Alyssa and her penny press machine. (Image swiped from Alyssa's IG)

Stop in from 1-4 pm to create keychains, jewelry, and zipper pulls with penny artwork by 

Kelly AbelnJulie BuffoloheadJennifer Davis and Ruthann Godollei

 (I'll be stopping by at 1 if you wanna say "hi!")

I punched holes in my penny pressed artwork and made earrings.

The full set of pressed penny artwork.

Line artwork for the MN Artists Penny Press

Bring 4 quarters per pressed penny! (Or you can get change at SooVAC)

Order the set of 4 pressed pennies online? DM @AlyssaBaguss 

Questions? Contact Alyssa: alyssabaguss@gmail.com

The Mn Artists Penny Press at the MN State Fair last summer.

The Mn Artists Penny Press at the MN State Fair last summer.

My friend Kara's kiddos operating the penny press at the MN State Fair.

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