Tuesday, November 10, 2020

"Portraits" A Group Exhibition at Rubine Red Gallery in Palm Springs, CA


Bug, Cat In Striped Sweater, Big Dog and Blueberry at Rubine Red Gallery

"Portraits" A Group Exhibition opens this Sat, 11/14/20

at Rubine Red Gallery in Palm Springs, CA.

Sign up for a "Collectors Preview" of the show here.

The show runs Nov 14 - Dec 2, 2020.

Opening Reception Sat Nov 14, 1pm- 8pm (Wear a mask!)

(As always you can see my gallery page here: Shop Jennifer Davis - new works from this exhibition will be added soon!)

"It's simple right?  A portrait is a photograph of a person.
Most importantly, a portrait is a representation.
A person sure, but also a culture, a feeling, a mood,
an object, an idea, an ideology.
Come explore the art of the 'Portrait'!"


Alexandra Antoine, Chicago, IL

Anonymous, from god knows where...

Alex Cutler, Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Buettner, Minneapolis, MN

Matthew Downham, Pwllheli, Wales

Jennifer Davis, Minneapolis, MN

James Earley, England

Cassie Edwards, Oshkosh, WI

Gabriel Garbow, San Diego, CA

Shawna Gilmore, Duluth, MN

Johanna Goodman, New York, NY

Greg Gossel, River Falls, WI

Nalani Hernandez-Melo, Coachella Valley, CA

Syed Hosain, Minneapolis, MN - Pakistan

Anthony Hurd, Albuquerque, NM

Dan Litzinger, Los Angeles, CA

Ramon Maiden, Barcelona, Spain

Shelly Mosman, Minneapolis, MN

Robert Murphy, Roseville, MN

Caleb Mulholland, Chicago, IL

Nelson Munares, Lima, Peru - Palm Springs, CA

New Blood Pop! (aka Brad Novak), Aukland, New Zealand

Jose Navarro, Asturias, Spain

Julian Prolman, Los Angeles, CA

Joel Sartore, Lincoln, NE

James Schnepf, Minneapolis, MN

Christopher Selleck, Minneapolis, MN

Joe Sinness, St Paul, MN

Troy Schooneman, Thailand

Zack Smithey, St Louis, MO

Trevor Wayne, Palm Springs, CA

Russ WhiteMinneapolis, MN

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