Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Djeco Toy Designs

Djeco Toy Company, of Paris, France, has just release another one of my toy designs!
Mandalas Rosaces- Coloring Surprise

"A creative activity for kids who love coloring." 
Color, fold and re-fold the hexaflexagons to discover various geometric mandalas.
I'm so happy with how this project turned out!
(So far I have not seen these available in the US.
Google to order online or, better yet, ask your local toy retailer to order/carry my Djeco toy designs!)

Here are some of the other fun toy designs I have made for Djeco:

Another coloring project -with a bug/butterfly theme- called "Cabinet of Curiosities"
A set of fancy Jewelry Temporary Tattoos...I found them at a little toy shop during my trip to Paris in 2017!

"Canevas Point lancé : Cheval"...A horsey yarn/"sewing" kit:


A rubber bouncy ball:

Here are some pics of kiddos playing with my toys!

I have another (stalled) toy design project in the works (coloring pages)...and I hope to work Djeco lots more in the future!

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