Saturday, January 14, 2017

Count Backwards from 10 at Fox Tax

TONIGHT (Sat, 1/14/17) at Fox Tax Gallery in NE Minneapolis!
"Count Backwards from 10"

"After 10 years in our current location, watching the once sleepy NE neighborhood fully awake from its un-gentrified slumber, we are now making plans to move this coming spring and with that move, marking the end of the Gallery @ Fox Tax.  To celebrate and reminisce on the last 10 years of art events, we will be stuffing the walls to the brim with work from over 20 of our most illustrious alumni in a jam-packed 10 year retrospective extravaganza!"

I have four paintings in the show.

"Apparition", "Kilter", "Little Birdy" and "Weathervane"

Peeks at the install from @foxtax.

via City Pages:
"...Fox Tax, founded by brother-sister team Mark and Alyssa Fox, opened shop in northeast Minneapolis in 2006. As tax accountants, they specialized in sorting out the ultra-complicated 1040s of artists, musicians, and other creative types. Since their offices had more space than they could fill, they decided to turn the front part of the building into a gallery. Rock 'n' roll.

For their final show in their current space, next week the duo will be hosting a 10-year retrospective featuring the artists who helped make the gallery great. That includes whimsical illustrator DC Ice, animal portrait expert Jennifer Davis, and Gregory Euclide, whose beautiful nature paintings/installations you might recognize from Bon Iver's eponymous 2011 album..."

"...Back in 2007, before business-run art galleries became a PR norm, sprouting up shamelessly in IT companies, BMW dealerships and chiropractic offices, siblings Mark and Alyssa Fox opened a showroom in what would seem to be the most bloodless, art-averse environment imaginable: a tax-planning office. But the Gallery at Fox Tax soon became a legit force. It had a knack for party throwing, an always surprising eye for art we would grow to consider quintessentially Minneapolitan — the gallery was an early champion of design-y painters Garrett Perry, Jennifer Davis and John Grider — and generally operated with sincerity and taste, when it easily could have pandered and fished for clients. (Its bread-and-butter is “to make an art out of your business,” i.e., tax prep for creatives.) Saturday’s opening is an anniversary (10 years), a retrospective (group show of 20 gallery alumni) and also a tentative farewell: With Fox Tax relocating this summer, the gallery “in its current form” is slated to close in April. Sad..."

Artists include:
DC Ice, Corey McNally, Jennifer Davis, John Grider, Nick Howard, 
Laura Hallen, Andy Messerschmidt, Josie Lewis, Eric Inkala, 
Jaron Childs, Alex Kuno, Garrett Perry, Shawn McNulty, 
Rob McBroom, Nick Golfis, John Diebel, Colin Kopp, Gregory Euclide, 
Anne George, Daniel Buettner, Jon Aller, Kenneth Steinbach, 

Peter Geyen, and Hannah Frick.

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