Monday, June 22, 2015

New Round Paintings

Sloth, 24", acrylic/graphite on wood panel

I'm having so much fun painting on these round panels!

Cross Section, 24", acrylic/graphite on wood panel

They were a special custom order item that was returned at the lumber yard so I don't think I can get any more of them. I only have 6 blank ones left! I'm not sure why they are so inspiring to me but I'm going to savor them.

Snake, 24", acrylic/graphite on wood panel

Variations, 24", acrylic/graphite/gold leaf and silver leaf on wood panel

More round paintings in my shop!


Hastypearl said...

They popped up in a number of places when I goggled Round Wood Panels:) no need to stop, you're on a "roll" :) Laura

red-handed said...

Round. Round portals, round windows. That's awesome.