Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lil Bub Letterpress Greeting Cards!

The greeting cards I drew for Lil Bub 
(the famous Internet cat, duh?!) 
are finally available via her website!
My friend Jenni Undis helped me design the cards and they were printed at Lunalux, her letterpress shop in Minneapolis.

Take it from Bub:
"...thrilled to announce this limited edition set of six magical oversized 5x7" four color letterpress printed holiday cards.

These are not your average cards! These cards are a hand-made product of Minneapolis, MN. The artwork featured on the cards is drawn by Jennifer Davis, the design and lay-out was a collaboration between Jennifer and Jenni Undis, the cards were printed on a really old letterpress by Jenni at the magnificent Lunalux.

You will want to save these cards for the most loved ones in your life, as each card is a gift in and of itself. In fact, you'll probably want to save and frame one for yourself."
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Lil Bub's Big FUND for the ASPCA, which provides grants to organizations to support pets that need special care or extra help getting adopted.

We LOVE you, Bub!
"Far Out, Bub!", a painting I made for Bub's charity auction at Yetee Gallery in IL earlier this year.

A custom pet portrait commissioned for the special man in Bub's life.

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