Friday, August 29, 2014

Octopus Prints

Octopus prints, 9x12" each.

I made a series of 58 hand-pulled, hand-painted one of a kind Octopus prints for the 5th season of CSA: Community Supported Art. (It is just like a FOOD CSA only instead of a crop of mystery produce you get a crop of fresh, local, surprise ART.)

Photos from the foam printing process. (A great tutorial on how to make this kind of print by my buddy, Amy Rice, over here.  It's easy and FUN!)

This is the second time I have participated in this wonderful project. 
Thank you and Springboard for the Arts for inviting me back. 

The original edition of 58 prints is sold out but I have a few test prints in my Etsy shop. $30 each, free shipping. ;0)

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Hastypearl said...

Oh my...I Love Amy Rice?.from the first piece I saw. Just found her on FB, today:) love the tutorial. Laura