Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Forage Modern Workshop

Flying, acrylic/graphite on framed panel, 12x16"

Hey, Twin Citians! Have you been to Forage Modern Workshop yet? 
It is a new-ish Minneapolis store that features tons of vintage, artisan, local, hand-made and all around neat-o stuff for you and your home: furniture, housewares, gifts, etc. 
Oh- and ART! Tons of local art- including several of my paintings. 
Go there now! AND- Be sure to get a Rustica Bakery Dark Chocolate cookie from (the attached) Parka restaurant. 

Shapeshifter, acrylic/graphite on framed panel, 12x16"

Pony Up, acrylic/graphite on framed panel, 12x16"

May Pole, acrylic/graphite on framed panel, 12x16"

An installation in the shop (photo swiped from ForageModern_Mn)

My BF, Brad, hangin' out in the shop. B&W paintings by my friend Tara Costello.

Photo of my painting "Red" swiped from ForageModern_Mn

Details of "Red", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel, 24x30"

This is me pretending to do something so I can be in a photo with with my friend Tara Costello's paintings (the big ones on top.)

Some of my paintings at Forage were in MSPMag earlier this year.

Photo swiped from @JahnaPeloquin


JenHoney said...

I love that may pole piece!

Jennifer Davis Art said...

Thank you, @jenna!