Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Arty Wall Murals and Phone Cases

The Wallery has released three vinyl wall murals and three iPhone cases featuring my artwork!

This is my "Flora" mural lookin' all cheery with a yellow chair.

Wouldn't you look fancy sittin' there chatting one your phone with this phone case?
"Flora" phone case.

"Floral Study" vinyl wall mural.

"Floral Study" phone case.

"Sweetest Fruit" vinyl wall mural. I double dare you to hang this print on that wall. 
Far out, man!

"Sweetest Fruit"phone case.

Here are some photos from The Wallery's recent exhibition at Roll-Up Gallery in San Francisco.

I swiped these photos from Roll-Up Gallery's Facebook page.

The full collection is available online here.


Unknown said...

Wow you have great artwork! You should team up with oriental hand woven rugs Chicago, IL and make some amazing rugs!

Jennifer Davis Art said...

Thank you, @Sam Esh! That is a very fine idea!!! <3

Unknown said...

I really like "The Sweetest Fruit", I wonder if Magic Murals will be carrying any of your stuff?