Friday, May 3, 2013

Where My Art Lives Now * Part 2

Every so often one of my lovely patrons posts/sends me a photo of my art in their home. 
I just love seeing where my art lives now and thought I'd share a few of the photos here. 
Always fun to peek into other people's spaces, yes? 
One of my little paintings on the shelf in the home of Holly Becker from Decor8.

Holly Becker's home on the cover of All,Decor Magazine. I spy at least three of my paintings in this photo!

My Upsidedown print in a collection by "GirlyRunner".

I spotted my custom Monster shooting target over at Apartment Therapy in this neato kitchen remodel series by Clair and Jeffrey! (It is a 13 part series- and a very fun/ny read!!!)

OMG- Kristen Blush of Blush Photography got my beetle tattooed on her arm!!!

...and here is my fox print all framed up in her home.

My "Night Voyage" painting in a fancy vintage frame at the grand opening of the new Hudson, NY shop, 
Harvey's Counter. Shop here. (Photo on the right by Jesse Turnquist.)

Little framed kitty drawing via Liz.

"OllieRocks" bought my Upsidedown print to match her kitteh!

Leif gave my manatee print to his little nephew Henrik. I hope he likes it!

LOLZ!!! My friend Amy spotted my carousel print in a window while vacationing in Bath, UK. 

LOTS more photos after the break. (AND- Part 1 is over here.)

One of my painted fruits in it's natural habitat. heh.

A couple of my paintings at Forage Modern Workshop - via Minnesota Monthly Magazine.

Two new custom paintings ready to hang with my drawing, Preserve - in Australia! Thank you for sharing, JB!

My pal, Herb, spotted my 2010 ArtCrank print at Oddfellows restaurant in Dallas, TX. Far out!
DapperIsDead commissioned a custom Anna Piaggi shooting target. I LOVE my customers!!!

 Last fall I painted some big flowers on the floor at the new Prana store in Edina, MN. More about that here and here.

More Prana floor flowers.

Two of my paintings in the home of Chris and Ainsley. 

Spotted my owl print in JennyP's Instagram snapshot!
My bear poster from Frankie Magazine via "AliceHair" in Australia.

Cat and Monkey in their purty new frames!

Beetle target all framed up via ChaseE.

Super oldy collage painting in the home of DanG. From my show at the Clown Lounge 80 bazillion years ago!

Framed up shooting targets at Harvey's Counter. Shop here.
Photo by Jesse TurnQuist.

Collage in the home of my oldest friend on earth, JenniferJo! Love you so much, girl! xoxo
(SHE is not OLD- but we have been friends since the day I was born- 38 years ago.)

 "Knot", just back from the framer- via KenK.

via LadyPetunia
This one is at my house. I just wanted to include my guy, Nudge.

Pretty Pamala wearing my TapesN'Tapes shirt!

One of my little paintings hangin' out in Shadi's collection.

Little horsey painting for a little girl! Thank you, WolfieAndTheSneak!

Three little tiny dog paintings in a nursery. Thank you, Abbie!

Owl print in Anne's office. (Picture here is mini-Anne, AKA Esther!)

Mother Hen in the collection of David and Cari.

A portrait of dearly departed Ella for my friend Amy Rice. 
(Buy her beautiful GrowRideLoveFindMake print here.)

My painting is in good company at Kathleen's pad.

Another of my prints in Kristen's home!

Sloth tattoo!!! via Ashley

Cordelia is right where she belongs- at Pam and Guy's house. 
Guy is the one who dreamed her up in the first place- for his book, "Some Women".

This isn't even his home! BUT STILL- my Rhino painting at Thinkspace!

Two framed custom targets via TheAssociativePress.

This portrait of Drag just happens to be matchy-matchy with Amy Jo's comforter!

Mish and Max's family with their portraits. Love this!

Last but not least, ClayA JUST- moments ago- posted this framed up drawing on Faceplace!

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