Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Tiny Showcase Print!

I am excited to announce that I will be release a new, limited edition print via Tiny Showcase!

This is the painting, "Maypole."

Each Tuesday Tiny Showcase releases a new, tiny, limited edition (100) print by a different artist- 
for just $20 each. A surprise! 
(I'm letting you in on the secret because you are reading my blog! THANK YOU!)

My print goes on sale Tuesday, Feb 19th at 6pm EST. 
Sign up for their email list to get a notification when the sale starts-
then act quickly because they sell out fast!

This will be my 5th print with Tiny Showcase. My previous prints were "June", "Bon Voyage", "Tug O War", and "Open Air."

A portion of the profits from this edition will go to the charity of my choice!  As with each previous edition, I have chosen Springboard for the Arts Emergency Relief Fund for Artists.

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