Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Murals in action

Hello theres!
A couple of weeks ago I attended the grand opening party of the new prAna store in Minnesota.
I enjoyed seeing my murals in action- as well as a live performance by The Pines (!!!)

An action shot of pretty people walking on my floor "mural"!

A detail shot of one of my floor paintings by Pamela Diedrich.

People were walkin and wheelin over my painting in the front entryway.

This headless mannequin seemed oblivious about my giant hand painting. Photo by Pamela Diedrich.

prAna is a very cool company and I am so honored to have worked with them.
More about my murals here:


Barb said...

Oh wow! Fantastic!

Jennifer Davis Art said...

Thank you, Barb!

Nos said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!