Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Enormous Tiny Art Show 12

"Lydia never felt her name fit. She thought herself more of an Amos and when she moved to Montana that's how she would introduce herself."

The 12th installment of the ever-popular 
Enormous Tiny Art Show opens this Friday, Sept 7th at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH.
I have participated in this show many times but I am more excited than ever! 
I had so much fun making this new series of portraits based on the story/poems from Guy Capecelatro III's book "Some Women."

They are 4x4" each, on cradled wood panels- available online here.

"Ruby would climb the apple trees to eat the apples right where they hung, until one day she slid free. Now, when she feels a storm's imminent arrival in her left leg, she thinks of apples."

"As a child, Ruth ate some wild mushrooms that bent her mind in an irretrievable way. Her mother always apologized for her and described how she once was."

"Levi just lived to play the accordion: the visceral feel of pushing and pulling the bellows excited her, and when people watched her play they were always awestruck."

"Minnette lays face down on the dock that stretches out over her family pond. She drops her hands in the water, and fish slide their thick bodies through her outstretched fingers."

"Amelia saw angels in the trees and heard them whispering her name. When she would walk through the woods, she'd walk quickly and never look up."

"Darby's mother wandered off in the show one February evening and wasn't found until the spring thaw. At night, with the fresh snow piling high just beyond her window, she understood the lure."

"Tilley worried the clouds hanging so precariously overhead might one day fall and crush her and so she often looked suspiciously at the sky."

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