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Working Title

UPDATE! 1/11/12 Actually, lots of updates (photos) throughout this post.
UPDATE! 3/5/12 You can see all of the work from the show (and what is still available for purchase here:

"Four weeks of evolving artworks created collaboratively between CO Exhibitions' parent companies Permanent Art & Design Group and Burlesque of North America along with a roster of hand-selected Twin Cities artists.

For the entire run of WORKING TITLE, dozens of pieces of art will be passed around, communally embellished, tinkered with, and re-worked in CO's Northeast Minneapolis gallery space, as well as in the artists’ own studios. Each week for four weeks, a new opening reception will occur, and each week the artwork will change--fluctuating not only in style, concept, and number of contributors, but also in price, scale, and media. Pieces sold at any given opening will not be worked on further, remaining on display as they were at the time of purchase.

Burlesque of North America
Permanent Art & Design Group
Michael Cina
Rudy Fig
Josh Journey-Heinz
Aaron Bickner
Jennifer Davis
Carly Schoen
Sara Syverhus
Land Land
Special Guests TBA throughout the installation

Saturday, January 21st / 7-10pm
The grand opening of WORKING TITLE will feature dozens of pieces that have been traded between and worked on by the participating artists through the month of January leading up to the event. 

Here are some of the pieces I worked on for the first round of this collaborative experiment:

I hand painted this beautiful photo by Eric Melzer.

Painting and drawing with Ben LaFond

I worked on this big crazy giant drawing by Kyle Helle.

Josh Journey Heinz provided this horrific mask.  I sewed on ears and gave her a pink rash.

I did some collage and painting on these photos by Wes Winship.

Wes Winship painted the Popeye arm and I painted the skeleton on this thrift store gem.

Girl painting by Rudy Fig with photo transparency overlay (of Minneapolis) by Ben LaFond. I painted the white details and the eyeballs.

I painted and collaged on this test print by LandLand.

(More below!)
All of the unsold works will go back into the mix to be reworked for the next show...

Friday, January 27th / 6-9pm
Unsold pieces from the first opening will be re-exhibited after another round of re-imagining by the artists, who will add, subtract, bedazzle, and embellish the pieces into something new.

I painted a big carousel cat onto this textured red ground by Michael Cina and Joseph Belk.

Kyle Helle painted this eel guy on my whale print and then I painted the black and some bubbles.

I painted a robot face onto this eerie airport photo by Eric Melzer.

I was kind of in love with the way Ben LaFond painted this photo so I couldn't bear to touch it. I added a shooting target and frame with a couple panes of painted glass inside.

Friday, February 3rd / 6-9pm
Unsold pieces from the second opening will be re-exhibited after another round of re-imagining by the artists.

I've been very ill with the plague this week so I didn't accomplish as much this week... =0(
but I had fun working on these two pcs:

Someone (I've lost track!) added a bird shape to this print by LandLand. I added the pink/bicycle/stripes.  It is a bad photo but it looks nice and shinygold in real life.

I can't even tell you who all worked on this one...I know there is some Kate Iverson goin on.  I added the horses, the purpleypink (of course), and the stripes.

Friday, February 10th / 6-9pm
Unsold pieces from the third opening will be re-exhibited after the final round of re-imagining by the artists. Prices may fluctuate.

I've completely lost track of who did what so I'll show how they looked before and after I worked on them.

Lots and lots of dots. (By Aaron Bickner, Wes Winship, me and ???)

Lots and lots of teeny tiny stripes. 

I painted the background of this one black and red but the paint rubbed off when I touched it.  So I rubbed it all of and added new stripes. And beady eyes.

I went to the final reception last night and was pleasantly surprised with the results of our crazy project. So many insane, ridiculous, lovely and bizarre things!
I took a few snapshots of some of the art I had worked on so I could share the changes they underwent in subsequent weeks. I apologize for not writing down the names of all of the people that worked on them...

Carly Schoen added flowers to finish this one. LOVE IT!

LOLZ!!!! Josh Journey Hinz added pigs and COUSCOUS to the bottom of the shadow box. 

Rudy fig added a pretty ghost.

Thrift store Jesus underwent a magical transformation! ;0)

LandLand added the dog whorshippers. ;0)

RudyFig finished this ol' gal. See you my nightmares, Monsterface.

Ben LaFond and ??? 

WHEEEEEEEW! That was challenging and fun. I'm so glad I participated. It is good for me to step outside of what I normally do and excercise my brain in new ways. Thank you CO Exhibitions and and all of the artists that made this happen.

* The exhibit will remain on view through February 17th
* CO Exhibitions / 1101 Stinson Blvd / Suite 2 / Minneapolis, MN

* More details on the Facebook event page

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