Monday, November 21, 2011

"Two" at XYandZ Gallery in Mpls

Celebrating two years of business, XYandZ Gallery presents TWO an exhibit that focuses on the relationships that have been developed between artists both inside and outside the space. 

my contribution to the show:
skull with kittens, 12x16", acrylic/graphite on panel

"XYandZ has invited former exhibitors to curate their own section of the gallery by presenting two artists of their choosing: One emerging artist and one established. From internationally recognized street artists to locally-bred art darlings, the exhibit will offer a truly eclectic array of work, hand-selected by XYandZ artists."

I was invited to participate by Tonja Torgerson. You can read an interview about her selections here.
“ I chose Jennifer because I have been aware of her work since the first time we were shown together over 5 years ago. I have loved watching her work take off and find her a good model of how it is possible to be a successful working artist.” 
THANK YOU, Tonja!!! ;0)

November 25-December 17
BLACK FRIDAY SALE (Nov 25): 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
OPENING RECEPTION (Dec 2): 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

EXHIBITING ARTISTS: buZ Blurr aka Colossus of Roads, Allan Packer, Adam Garcia, Mia Nolting, White Cocoa, Jennifer Davis, Ellen Mueller, Michael Gaughan, Oakley Tapola, Dane Klingaman, Alex Chitty, Lee Relvas, Eric Ruby, Charlie B. Ward, Ben LaFond, Brian Aldrich, Nick Howard, Paul Kaloper, David De Boer, James Boyd Brent, Rachel James, Matt Yaeger, Ryan Brink, Jesse Peterson, Vaughn Bell.

CURATORS (former XYandZ exhibitors): Eric Burke (OverUnder/Reno, NV), John Grider & Mike Fitzsimmons (Broken Crow), Drew Peterson (Chicago, IL), Keegan Wenkman (Portland, OR), Tonja Torgerson (Syracuse, NY), Dane Johnson (Los Angeles, CA), Dan Luedtke (Chicago, IL), Brian Borlaug (Los Angeles, CA), Josh Winkler, Carrie Thompson, Anna Tsantir, Sean Connaughty, and Nate Young.

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