Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inside Out: The Self Portrait Show

^ yup. that's me.

"It is often said that every work of art is a self-portrait, and to some degree this is certainly true. However, most art - in content, theme or intention is not about the self. Artists explore myriad facets of the universe, the natural, the social, and the abstract. The Self-portrait is the most personal form of artistic expression. Making the self more public is a tingly experience. There is thrill and trepidation. It is an acutely focused, conscious choice about revealing and concealing elements of the self."

Opening Reception: This Sat March 12, 6pm-9pm
Hennes Art Company
Show runs through April 30, 2011

* A review of the show at
* Read more about the show in City Pages and South of Canada.


Gina Lee Bean said...

Really nice Jennifer...I love the layering on the face. I wished I lived nearer so I could go to
the show x

dp said...

Yes top ! I love it !

Jennifer Davis Art said...

thank you!
wish you were here, glb! come visit! ;0)

moreeileen said...

this is gorgeous....
I love your work Jennifer.


Jennifer Davis Art said...

thank you! xo

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the show! the painting is amazing. i'm working on some self-portraits in collage right now! i've linked to you from my blog. would be honored if u checked it out when you get a chance!

Heather Murray said...

Love this portrait and it's rich have a wonderfully appealing and unique style

Jennifer Davis Art said...

thank you! xo