Thursday, January 27, 2011

Self Portraits

I have been painting self portraits for an upcoming group show in Mpls.
"Inside Out: The Self Portrait Show
26 artists make themselves the object of their expression.

I have never really done this before. It is quite scary!

On a kind-of-related note:
This post over at ArtHound
How do you feel about portraits of strangers?


sMacThoughts said...

I love your self portraits! As to ones of strangers, do you mean ones you 'make up' in your head? If so, love those. If you mean ones of people you don't know, ala spying on them at the coffee shop, etc.- - no opinion.

moreeileen said...

this is amazing! nice work!

dp said...

No scary, I prefer

Jennifer Davis Art said...

Thank you!

RE: the ArtHounds blog...
That post is more about collecting found portraits. Paintings from thrift/antique stores, by unknown artists, of unknown people, etc.

One Gal's self-portrait may someday wind up Another Gal's portrait-of-a-stranger.

Gina Lee Bean said...

I love doing and looking at self-portraits. They have such a 'warts and all' way about them and I have found that the very act of having to really look at yourself from an artist's perspective can be quite a scary but good kinda way. x

Jennifer Davis Art said...

I agree, Gina. My BF has assured me that I am not as wrinkly and haggard as I see myself. Whew!