Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Local Artist Interviews

I did an interview with a fabulous new website that posts interview profiles with local (Minneapolis, MN, USA) artists. I am familiar with many of the artists they have profiled so far but it has been fun reading their answers to these questions and "hearing" their voices.

You can read my interview here- on "Local Artist Interviews".

I am also enjoying a similar theme over at the CityPages "Dressing Room" blog called "100 Creatives".


helen said...

Lovely images. There seem to be more blogs etc., posting interviews with other bloggers snd artists. Will check the one you mention here.

Daniela Paulinelli said...

Hi, Jennifer,
your paintings and collages are lovely. Congratulations!
I posted one of them on (an on-line brazilian journal of arts, literature, and philosophy) ilustrating a quote of Luigi Pirandello, an italian writer.
If you do not enjoy that, please, tell me and I will remove the image, ok. But I am happy in promoting your art here in Brazil.
Best wishes,

Jennifer Davis Art said...

thank you Helen and Dana!