Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Foot in the Door

I made this painting for the Foot in the Door 4 show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Every 10 years they invite ALL Minnesota Artists to submit a work of art that fits into the 12x12x12 inch "Curator".

Are you sitting down?
You will almost faint when you see how much ART they received: photos here.

The opening reception should be interesting!
Thursday, February 18, 2010
I love MN.


Christina Conway said...

think my eyes went blind there for a second, but I really wish I could stand in the middle of all that in-person. What an extravagant and fantastic showcase. The sheer number is impressive on its own, a curator's nightmare ;)

Jennifer Davis Art said...

ha! i know! it is more about "community" than it is about art, that is for sure.
xo- j

Jane Davies said...

LOVE your work! It is beautiful, and refreshingly spare. Thanks for sharing it. Wow! That foot in the door show is amazing. What a great, and brave, idea! How was the opening?

Jennifer Davis Art said...

THANK YOU! i wasn't there for the opening but from the photos i've seen (on flickr, etc) it looks INSANE (in a good way!)

Ronnie said...

Great, fresh, unique art. I'm a follower!
I found you in Dog Art's update this morning.

Ronnie said...

Found you on Dog Art Today. I'm following! Love your fresh, unique, cool art.