Sunday, June 22, 2008

other available paintings

(NOTE: I first created this post in 2008 but I update it with all of my new paintings/shows through 2015.)

In addition to the paintings posted below you can see more of my available work by clicking on these links:

* Most of my available works are available for purchase online via my Etsy shop:
original prints, paintings, custom pet portraits, custom shooting targets and painted sculptures in

* Endangered Rhino T-shirts via Right Justified
* new BIG paintings at Rubine Red Gallery in Palm Springs, CA
* A kitty cat clock via "Cult of Meow" at Gristle in Brooklyn, NY
* Tons of paintings on the wall at Barbette (restaurant) in Mpls
* New 8x10 "Hissy Fit" print at Tiny Showcase
* "Enormous Tiny Art Show" at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH
* A full line of greeting cards featuring my paintings via Artists to Watch
Sebastian Foster in Austin, TX

Please contact me directly for purchasing information about the paintings posted below:

(Many more paintings, sculptures and prints are available now in My Etsy Shop.)

Eyes, 24x30" at Rubine Red Gallery in Palm Springs

Snakes, 24x30" at Rubine Red Gallery in Palm Springs

"Endangered" Rhino T-shirts via Right Justified
benefitting World Wildlife Fund

Aries, 12x16", acrylic/charcoal/graphite, 2018 via Sebastian Foster.

Rhino, 12x16", acrylic/charcoal/graphite, 2018 via Sebastian Foster.

Snakes, 12x16", acrylic, 2018 via Visual Index in Winston-Salem, NC.

Red Plant, 12x16", acrylic, 2018 via Visual Index in Winston-Salem, NC.

Houseplant, 12x16", acrylic, 2018 via Visual Index in Winston-Salem, NC.

Step Up, 12x16", acrylic, 2018 via Visual Index in Winston-Salem, NC.

Remember, acrylic/graphite on paper (framed) via Sebastian Foster.

Many more paintings, prints, sculptures, etc are available for purchase via My Etsy Shop.


Squirrely Whirls said...

Why are there no comments? I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but your work is refreshing, incredibly imaginative, and yet so natural at the same time. I'm in awe; I absolutely love your style. Thanks for being inspiring.

Anonymous said...

also agree with the comment placed before-really enjoy your work and coming to the event on March 27 2010 and bringing is colorful, creative (ah duh, art? hello?)innovative...if I had a ton of $$ I'd buy it all but I'll see what I can do...good work-thank you !

Jennifer Davis Art said...

oh yaaaay! thank you both so much.i really appreciate it.

Unknown said...

These are all wonderfully creative and interesting. I love "Interiors" in particular. Wow. Gia

valerie said...

my daughter, who is 8, loves "planet" and "sweaters" and i love ALL your work!!!! we look at your amazing pieces regularly just because by far, they give us the most inspiration to be creative. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Szzn said...

I love everything.

Carlene said...

sweaters! I love them all but sweaters...please think about doing a print? xo Carlene

Jennifer Davis Art said...

Thanks, Carlene! Duly noted. ;0)

carmen y elisa said...


Unknown said...

Amazing work! I'm in Austin, found your work on 'might be good....' and will head over to GRAYduck gallery to see pronto! Thank you for plugging away and making this work happen.


Jennifer Davis Art said...

Excellent! Thank you, Brooke!