Monday, January 9, 2012

Bike Art Book

Some of my bicycle themed paintings are featured in this new book:

Bike Art * Bicycles In Art Around the World by Kiriakos Iosifidis.

 When I was approached about participating in this book early last year I had no idea how amazing and beautiful it was going to turn out. I just received my copy in the mail and it is FABULOUS beyond my wildest expectations.

You can buy it (and take another peek inside) at
Thank you, Kiriakos! I am so lucky to be included in your book.


Chris said...

Looks awesome. I love stuff like that. Have you seen these drawings? Nice combo of bicycles and pop art.

Jennifer Davis Art said...

Chris- those are so fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

Jordan said...

Very nice! That's super awesome, Jen!


Jennifer Davis Art said...

Thanks, JD! ;0)