Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Pop-Up art Sale Art Birchwood Cafe, Minneapolis

I made an impulsive decision to host an art pop-up sale!

What: Jennifer Davis Art Pop-Up at the Birchwood Cafe
...in tandem with the Seward Art Crawl's Winter Frolic event.

FB event page:

When: Sun, Dec 8th, 2019, 3-7pm

Why: So you can get some arty gifts for yourself and others while eating free Holiday Pie samples and sipping Birchbark Tea.

How: Just like, head over there, man. 

My paintings are on the wall s of the Cafe through Feb 2020! Photo from @BirchwoodCafe.

The Pop-Up is one evening only but the following paintings will be on the walls at the cafe through Feb 2020. Thank you for looking and hope to see you there!

Two Horses, acrylic/graphite, 12x16".

 Optimist, acrylic/graphite, 12x16".

Running Dog, 24" diameter, acrylic/graphite. 

Phoenix, acrylic/graphite, 12x16".

Wings, acrylic/graphite, 12x16".

Pink Succulent, acrylic/graphite, 11x14".

Blueberry, acrylic/graphite, 12x16".

Flora, acrylic/graphite, 12x16".

Moth, acrylic/graphite, 12x16".

Pekingese, acrylic/graphite, 12x16".

Moth, 24x30, acrylic/graphite.

Nightflower, 24x30, acrylic/graphite.

Pink House, 24x30, acrylic/graphite.