Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA

Lucid, acrylic/graphite on panel, 12x16"

"The Jealous Curator: From Blog to Book to Gallery"
opens TONIGHT (Sun, Dec 7, 2014) at Bedford Gallery 
at Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, CA.

Photo by The Jealous Curator.

Have you ever experienced "Creative Block?" 
If you make any sort of art on the regular your answer is probably, "YES!" 
The Jealous Curator, AKA Danielle Krysa- superstar celebrity Art blogger extraordinaire, wrote THE Book about it! 
She interviewed dozens of contemporary, working artists about their own experience with creative block and how they manage it. 
This exhibition brings together 21 artists from the book and I am honored to be included among them! I have four paintings in this exhibition.

Bubble, acrylic/graphite on panel, 16x20"

Stripes, acrylic/graphite on panel, 16x20"

Space Cade, acrylic/graphite on panel, 12x16"

Participating artists:
Hollie Chastain • Chattanooga, TN
Lisa Congdon • Oakland, CA
Jennifer Davis • Minneapolis, MN
Rachel Denny • Beavercreek, OR
Holly Farrell • Toronto, Canada
ChloĆ© Fleury • San Francisco, CA
Alyson Fox • Spicewood, TX
Leah Giberson • Brookline, MA
Lisa Golightly • Portland, OR
Amanda HappĆ© • Toronto, Canada
Jenny Hart • Los Angeles, CA
Kelly Jones • San Francisco, CA
Danielle Krysa • Summerland, Canada
Aris Moore • Exeter, NH
Sidney Pink • Baltimore, MD
Kate Pugsley • Chicago, IL
Martha Rich • Philadelphia, PA
Ben Skinner • Vancouver, Canada
Amanda Smith • Columbus, OH
Trey Speegle • New York, NY
Stephanie Vovas • Los Angeles, CA

It has been a real pleasure getting to know The Jealous Curator over the years. 
She came to Minneapolis to host a Girl Crush event with me back in 2012. 
...and here is a peek at my "Creative Block" segment from her book: 

I'm tellin ya! This book is so great...each artist provided an "unblocking" exercise to help stretch your creative muscles. 
It is a really fun read that WILL encourage you to get MAKING. 
Buy it (almost) anywhere books are sold. Take a peek inside via Amazon.

UPDATE 12/12/14: My fellow exhibitor, Lisa Congdon, has written a great recap of the show and posted some photos here.

UPDATE 12/17/14: Another lovely exhibition recap -with lots of photos- via The Jealous Curator.

The exhibition runs through Feb 1, 2015.

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