Monday, March 11, 2013

My trip to Austin, TX

Earlier this month I made a whirlwind visit to Austin, TX to attend the opening for a show of my new paintings, "A Certain Reality" at grayduck gallery. My BF, Brad, and I had a blast and took a ton of photos so I thought I'd share a few here...

We checked into our hotel, had a quick lunch at Bouldin Creek Cafe (our favorite spot for hippy food) and then headed straight to the opening reception at the gallery.

The view from outside the gallery is so neato.  I took 80 bazillion variations of this photo.

You can view all of my paintings from the show here.

Hey, look- Boo was at our opening! (I'm lying but the owner of this doggie said, "He gets that all the time.")

View the works by Megan Kimber (pictured) and David Ball here

The following night was the Art Alliance Austin's annual "Art Night Austin." What an amazing event!
It was a tour of seven galleries throughout Austin. Each location featured food from a different restaurant- and a different cocktail- and buses arrived every 20 minutes to carry gallery go-ers to the next stop.
 I was so honored to participate as an artist in the show at grayduck gallery- AND I got to sneak away for a little while to take the tour. 

Life imitating art at Dutton's pop-up gallery.

Folks boarding the bus to head to the next gallery.

Presidents at Yard Dog Folk Art.

GIANT, golden, gilded security camera art at Yard Dog.

Tons of beautiful repurposed signage and neon at Roadhouse Relics.

Trippy, interactive light show at the Scottish Rite Theater.

Mike Egan at Yard Dog.

Back at grayduck! THANK YOU and goodnight!

We didn't have much free time during our visit but we spent one afternoon exploring on foot.

We popped over to the White Horse to visit our pal Lori (from Minneapolis!) She runs their super rad patio flea market on Saturday afternoons.

Here's Brad smokin a pretzel at "Easy Tiger". (Cut him off!)

Here's Brad atop the Graffiti Wall.

A dude at work on the wall.

Oh, just a pretty pink house.

Skate park.

Oh, Austin.

Tacos on the sunny patio with Andre and Paola and then it was time to head back to the frozen tundra. 
I love you, Austin!

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