Friday, October 29, 2010


Thank you, John Megas and MplsArt for these thoughtful words about my new paintings.

I am blushing because it really captures my embarrassing Minnesotaishness.

For example,
"While very pleasant, Jennifer Davis made it very clear that talking about her art was not her favorite thing to do. “I’m really terrible at this”, is how she started our conversation. Davis is very quiet and careful to put words to her work. However, once we got the conversation going, she was well spoken in describing her process. (Then she would apologize about how badly the interview was going)."
Heeee heeeee!

Full text here.


Rebekah Leigh said...

Haha good interview, I'm exactly the same when talking about my work! I like the bit at the end where he says ..'words cannot fully express visual art..which is why visual art is visual..' My thoughts exactly! Congrats on the interview!

sMacThoughts said...

Awww! YOU silly goose, your art is stunning. I love this bunny!!!!

Jennifer Davis Paintings & Collages said...

heh. thanks, guys!

The Existential Bunny Rabbit said...

nothing better than a blushing bunny