Friday, June 24, 2016

Delightful 10 Paintings

Huge thanks to everyone that came our for "Delightful 10" at Track 29 Gallery last night.
I had a blast.

Special thanks to Ross Fefercorn, Cynde Randall, Jan Elftmann, Anna, Jaci, Connie and the wonderful staff at Track 29 for making our night so special.

Big love to Amy Rice. I hope we get to do this kind of thing many more times throughout the years.

Amy and I and Amy's purse in front of Amy's paintings! (Photo by Jan Elftmann.)

Here are my paintings from the show (except "Succulents" because I forgot to scan it. Doh!)
Please direct inquiries to Anna at Track 29:

Ice Cream, 12w x 16h", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel (SOLD)

Pineapple, 12w x 16h", acrylic/graphite/gold leaf on mounted panel

Rabbits, 12w x 16h", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel

Running Dog 24" diameter, acrylic/graphite on mounted panel
Scaredy Cat, 24" diameter, acrylic/graphite on mounted panel (SOLD)

Sea Lion, 12w x 16"h, acrylic/graphite on mounted panel

Sentient, 12w x 16"h, acrylic/graphite on mounted panel

Deer, 12w x 16"h, acrylic/graphite on mounted panel

Snake, 24" diameter, acrylic/graphite on mounted panel (SOLD)

Owls, 24" diameter, acrylic/graphite on mounted panel 

Nightbird, 24" diameter, acrylic/graphite on mounted panel 

Aqua Lung, 12w x 16h", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel

Apparition, 12w x 16h", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel

...and I forgot to scan "Succulents". It's one of my favs. Here is a phone snapshot:

Succulents, 12w x 16h", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel

Thank you for looking! -jd

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Delightful 10 * Jennifer Davis and Amy Rice

at Track29 Gallery in Minneapolis (map)

Please join us for the opening reception! 
Thurs June 23, 5-9 pm
art + hors d’oeuvres + drinks 
with music by special guest Connie Evingson

This is the back of our postcard mailer. (Want one? Send me your snail mail address to

"Track 29 Gallery presents its second exhibition of the 2016 season in Delightful 10, featuring new and recent work by critically acclaimed artists Jennifer Davis and Amy Rice. Giving a nod to their first show together (Delightful at Rosalux in 2006), Delightful 10 acknowledges a decade of their mutual appreciation and demonstrates the evolution of their paintings and mixed-media pieces.

Through their art, Davis and Rice give witness to this world and beyond: Davis is completely unleashed, streaming images from a fantastic imagined universe; while Rice testifies to the abundance of a real life tethered to the earth. Through their persistent savvy and innocent perception Davis and Rice shine 21st century guidance through a feminine ethos: care for what’s in your midst, honor other species and remember what you once knew deeply in your heart."

This blurb was in Minnesota Monthly Magazine waaaaay back in 2006 when Amy and I had our first two-woman show together at Rosalux Gallery!

Amy and I have shown our work together many, many times over the years but in 2016 we are celebrating our ten year anniversary of our first two- woman show! 
Here are some highlights of our friendship in art:

2006: "Delightful" at Rosalux Gallery early collaboration. Amy Rice (l) and Jennifer Davis (r)

2006: We hosted several awesome events with our fabulous MN art collective Pilot.

Pilot art collective in MN Monthly Magazine, Sept 2006.

2007: "Delightful Too" at Youngblood Gallery in Atlanta, GA.
2009: We hosted a Pop-Up gallery, "Contagious", with our dear friend and fellow painter, Tara Costello.

Tara, Amy, and me for "Contagious."

2011:  Amy and I hosted "Delightful 3: A Pop-Up Gallery" in St. Paul, MN.

City Pages blurb about "Delightful 3."

Amy and me at "Delightful 3" via Decor8.

Delightful 10 is curated by Jan Elftmann & Cynde Randall.

EXHIBITION DATES: June 23 – October 2, 2016
GALLERY HOURS: Noon–7pm, Daily 
Open to the Public. Artwork for sale.
Curator Cynde Randall has written a beautiful essay about our newest show. You can read it here.
Hope you can join us on 6/23 for our newest chapter! =0)
Facebook event page.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Ekphrastic! at Soo Visual Arts Center in Mpls

Part of the collaborative, wall-sized drawing by me and Mike Carina.

A Collaborative Storytelling Experiment
at Soo Visual Arts Center in Mpls
Sat, June 4, 6-8pm
Event page here.

Join us for the completion/closing celebration of EKPHRASTIC on June 4th 6-8pm, an experiment in collaborative multi-panel storytelling facilitated by artist Megan Vossler and a pop up "Book Bar" created by The Riveter Magazine and Magers & Quinn in celebration of MN Lit Crawl.

Over the course of five weeks, twenty-five participating artists are stopping by SooVAC during gallery hours to draw onsite, as the drawings are completed they will be displayed on the walls in an Exquisite Corpse style narrative. The works will be loosely associated with a weekly theme based on the traditional narrative arc: exposition, complication, rising action, climax and falling action.

The final week of the exhibition, writers James Cihlar, Heid Erdrich, and William Reichard will visit the completed drawing and create short narrative responses -- hence, the title EKPHRASTIC. (Ekphrasis = Greek term for the interpretation, description, or amplification of an existing artwork in one medium, by using another medium. For example, a drawing of a story, or a story about a drawing.)

Visual Artists: Taylor Baldry, Amelia Biewald, Dan Bruggeman, Michael Carina, Jennifer Davis, Andy DuCett, Christi Furnas, Paige Guggemos, Geoffrey Hamerlinck, Christopher Harrison, David Lefkowitz, Erik Lervold, Allegra Lockstadt, Jennifer Nevitt, Lindsay Nohl, Miles Ott, Terrence Payne, Melba Price, Jenny Schmid, Joe Sinness, Andy Sturdevant, Bruce Tapola, Jade Townsend, Christopher Tradowsky and Megan Vossler
Writers: James Cihlar, Heid Erdrich, and William Reichard

Sneak peek posted by Terrence Payne.

Part of the drawing by Me and Joe Sinness.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Wine, Snacks and Bears, Oh My!

at Kit & Ace's North Loop (Minneapolis) location!

They're throwing a little cocktail hour viewing shindig this Thurs, May 26, 2016 from 5-7.
The event is free but PRETTY PLEASE RSVP here.
My art will be on view through Aug 2nd.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 2016 Newsletter

I just sent out an email newsletter about new paintings, projects and upcoming exhibitions. 
You can read it online (and subscribe, if you're so inclined) right here.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Screaming Hand 30th Anniversary Art Show

My painting to the Screaming Hand Art Show.

RECEPTION: Friday May 20th, 2016 at 
CO Exhibitions in NE Minneapolis. 
Stop by during Art A Whirl 2016!
Show runs: 
Friday May 20, 5-10pm
Saturday May 21, 12-6pm
Sunday May 22, 12-5pm

The original Screaming Hand Logo by Jim Phillips, Sr.

A Traveling Art Show Celebrating Thirty Years of the Screaming Hand
A tribute to the artist Jim Phillips and a skateboarding icon.

Artwork by Michael Gaughan

"In 1985, in a small art studio on the Eastside of Santa Cruz, CA, Jim Phillips Sr. was creating images that unbeknownst to him would affect generations of artists and skateboarders to come. Of all of the iconic imagery that Jim created; the Screaming Hand logo has stood the test of time. Thirty years after its inception, the Screaming Hand still remains an unmistakable symbol of youth and skateboard culture.

In honor of Jim Phillips Sr. and the Screaming Hand logo, we have invited over 48 of the world’s most influential artists of the past 30 years to interpret and pay homage to this iconic image. 

Artwork by Patrick Smith.

Each artist’s interpretation of “The Hand” will be on display. There will also be an audio tour accessible by smart phone, narrated and describing their first experience with Phillips’ work as well as a backstory on their piece for the show.

Featured Artists include: Jim Phillips Sr., Jimbo Phillips, Colby Phillips, Jeremy Fish, Mike Giant, Todd Bratrud, Bigfoot, Michael Sieben, John Lucero, John Munnerlyn, Steve Caballero, Steve Olson, Natas Kaupus, Eric Dressen, Thomas Campbell, Sean Cliver, Mark Gonzales, Benny Gold, Jason Jessee, Mark Widmann, Makoto Yamaki, Skinner and many more.

The tour stop at CO Exhibitions will feature exclusive contributions from a selection of artists curated by Burlesque & Cal Surf including Jake Keeler, Jennifer Davis, Michael Gaughan, Cole Chlouber, Michael Cina, Ben Peterson, Taylor Kline, Dave Moreira, Jared Tuttle, Patrick Smith, Jamie Owens, and Paul Hartman.

The traveling art show has made its way around the world from Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Taipei, Tokyo, and several cities throughout the US.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Apartment Therapy Home Tour

Three of my Custom Shooting Target Paintings are featured in this Apartment Therapy home tour from Melbourne, Australia. 
What a gorgeous space...
The owners, Saskia and Tony, clearly share my passion for all things anthropomorphic! 

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Umbrella that Traveled the World

Umbrella, 24"x48", acrylic on paper, 2016 is in my shop.

An Art Exhibition at the Galleria of Edina 
May - August 2016

OPEN TO PUBLIC: Drinks, Food, Prizes, Meet the Artists! 
Rsvp & tickets are not required. 

Produced by Art of Edina and powered by Tradition Companies of Edina.

Two years ago Jill Emmer of Shine On Photos started a project on her Instagram (@Shineonyoucraydiamond) by mailing her beloved photography prop - a rainbow umbrella - to a fellow photographer friend. Soon after, more and more people requested the umbrella.Two years later the umbrella has visited a multitude of countries and cities such as Malaysia, Australia, London, Rome, Ireland, New York, LA, Philly, Chicago and more. It has also been written about in the Huffington Post, BuddyTruk and Midwest Living Magazine. 

This show is titled "The Umbrella That Traveled The World" and includes:
* A sampling of Jill Emmer's umbrella photos
* A wall featuring over 20 traveling umbrella photos taken by photographers from all over the world.
* 4 Large anchor pieces specifically created for this show by:
Drew Beson
Erin Sayer 
Jennifer Davis
Brandon Werth

My contribution to the show, Umbrella, 24"x48", acrylic on paper, 2016 is in my shop
(The original paintings will not be shown rather huge (4'x8') enlargements will be on display in the Galleria.)

Fonts by Chank Diesel and a sleek handmade graphic by Shane Garron

The gallery will be located in the center of the mall (on a facade built in front of the new Free People store) and will be installed at the beginning of May. It will be displayed for three months.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bowie Tribute Show in Minneapolis

My hand-painted David Bowie "Life Mask"- made from a real-life plaster cast of his face 
from the film "The Man Who Fell to Earth.

The Man who fell to Earth: A Tribute in Art
Opens this Sat April 30 from 7pm - 12am 
at Gamut Gallery in Minneapolis, MN.

"David Bowie inspired the world. He was more than a musician, he was creative genius. Not only did he bring to us Ziggy Stardust and the Goblin King, he pioneered a music genre that has proven to be timeless, and has manifested into our global pop culture lexicon.

Upon the news of his passing, we all mourned as one. He was a hero, a saint, a trend setter and icon. There will always be a Bowie sized hole in our collective spirit. So Louisa Greenstock decided it was time the artists of the TC had a chance to pay our respects, and honor him through our work.

Louisa called me (Erin Sayer) and we got together to brainstorm ideas for a show. We watched the documentary 'Cracked Actor', which shows Bowie getting his l
ife mask cast. We searched online for one of these masks, and found one in the UK. I ordered it and made a mold and cast 30 more, and we have curated an incredible lineup of artists to create their designs on these masks.

The artists are also creating other works related to Bowie, whether it be portraits, depictions of his albums of songs or movies. Over 20 artists are coming together to celebrate one of our generation's greatest creative instigators: David Bowie.

One night only!

Venus De Mars (TC's own 'Bowie') will be playing and spinning Bowie tunes.

$5.00 donation at the door for the Angel Foundation and their efforts to helps families affected by cancer.

Participating Artists:
Louisa Greenstock (Curator)
Erin Sayer (Curator)
Tim Carroll
Amanda Downs Chaplain
Jennifer Davis
Venus De Mars
John Erste
Sherri Faye
Rudy Fig
Jeffery Gauss
Jesse Golfis
Angel Hawari
Caitlin Karolczak
CL Martin
Rob McBroom
Jessie McNally
Josef Pixley
Jodi Bee
Liseli Polivka
Raven Seyboult
Tony Rydell
Jamie Sens
Danny Sigelman
Sara Syverhus
Nate Vincent Szklarski
Jessica Turtle"

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"What Goes Around" at Nahcotta

Night Owl, Acrylic on 12" round panel. Available here.

I'm pleased to announce my participation in this fabulous new show at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH.
Brand new works from 34 artists- all on 12", round panels. 
It's an incredible show!
All of the work is available online here, my painting is here.

The show runs Apr 1- May 1, 2016 with an opening reception on Fri 4/1.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

DPI Magazine (Taiwan) Illustration Quarterly

BIG THANK YOU to Taiwan's DPI Illustration Quarterly for a nice spread and interview about my paintings. 
Cover Art by Melissa Castrillion

Most of my english speaking friends will not be able to read the interview. Probably for the best as my paintings are better seen than heard. ;0)

Copies available for purchase here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

8x10" each, acrylic on paper

Now in my Etsy shop: 8x10" paintings on paper!

Ships flat, 1" border, unframed.

Bird and Horse.

Sheep and Poodle.