Monday, February 10, 2014

The New York Times

If you squint really hard and click your heels three times you can almost make out a couple of my hand-painted custom painted shooting target paintings in this article about Hudson, NY tastemakers in The New York Times.
Photo by Robert Wright for The New York Times

The article, "Cultivating Hudson, Enter the Tastemakers", profiles several shops and businesses fueling the "Rurbanism" boom in the picturesque town, including Harvey's Counter, which has been selling my original works since their opening last year.

Here's a better look at my current work from the shop in case you don't have a magnifying glass handy:

Whiskers and Blue Beauty, 14x24" each, acrylic/graphite on paper shooting targets

Electric Owl & Mischief, 14x24" each, acrylic/graphite on paper shooting targets

Congratulations to Alexandra Dewez, the lovely proprietor. It is my great pleasure to work with Harvey's Counter!
(Photo removed as I was copyright infringing!)
Photo by Jane Beiles for The New York Times.

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