Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DeVos Art Museum Installation Photos

All installation photos courtesy of The DeVos Art Museum.

This amazing photography of me and my girls geeking out courtesy of my mom. 

The soft sculptures are by Amy Long.

6 shooting targets left! All of my works from the show are online here.

Me, Amy and Ngoc in the lobby at the Museum.

Sugarloaf Mountain!

A rare respite from beer and karaoke. We had a blast in Marquette, MI!

Gorgeous exhibition catalog design by Edwin Cater. (Photos swiped from his website too!)

Huge thanks to Melissa Matuscak (Director and Curator- for EVERYTHING!) and everyone at The DeVos Art Museum, Edwin Carter (for designing the gorgeous catalog) and Amy Long (for creating such amazing art work.) 
THANK YOU to my friends Amy and Ngoc and to my mom, Aunt Sal and uncle Jerry for joining me on this trip. The support of my friends and family means THE WORLD to me.

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